The intriguing life of Nacho Cano after his failure to leave Mecano

The war between the brothers destroyed the famous group

Mecano separates> In the early 80s, Mecano was the most famous band in the country. Representative of the Movida Madrileña, the voice of these boys became an international icon. It is calculated that sold more than 25 million records, and they had a brutal influence on society, they were even called to perform at the Royal House parties. They were known in half the world: London, Mexico, France, there was no scenario that could resist them. But, the internal problems of the group, specifically between the brothers José and Nacho, made them have to take a break. In the prime of their wagon, in 1992, they announced to the press that they were going to retire for three years. According to them, they had been overwhelmed by fame, and with this period of silence they wanted their fans to enjoy their latest album to the fullest, Aidalai, which sold almost 500,000 copies in Spain alone. After doubling the time they said they were going to be resting, they reappeared with much less success.

“José María and Nacho have come to give each other hostiles, although later they loved each other very much”commented a person very close to Mecano. Apparently, the tension between them was growing stronger. Within the group, there was an internal struggle to be the one to gain the most media attention. So, Nacho decided to win this award by communicating a news that left no one indifferent. In 1998, during the Amigo Awards celebration, he took the stage and said: “I want to tell you that I am going to stop being with Mecano. This stage has been beautiful, and I want to remember it as such “. Neither of the other two members of the group, Ana and José María, knew their intentions. They found out at the same time as the fans and the press. “It was a jug of cold water,” said Torroja over the years. But, Nacho wanted to fly alone, and he had everything it took to succeed: success, fame and money. Why didn’t you get it?

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