The Jamiroquai who attacked the Capitol refuses to eat

Jacob Anthony Chansley, known as Jake Angeli, “Q-Shaman” or “Yellowstone Wolf”, was arrested for entering a public building without authorization, violent entry, and disorderly conduct on the grounds of the United States Congress, according to what the Department of Justice indicated.

It is follower of Donald Trump -which the networks popularized as “Jamiroquai” because of the outfit of the singer of the band, Jay Kay- has not eaten since he was arrested, according to his lawyer during a virtual hearing in federal court this past. “He follows an extremely restrictive diet, perhaps for religious reasons”added.

For her part, his mother, Martha Chansley, assured that her son “you get sick if you don’t eat organic food”, he assured in statements he published The Arizona Republic, and insisted: “You need to eat.”

During the virtual appearance in court, the Judge Deborah Fine said she was “deeply concerned” and asked the defendant’s attorney to resolve the issue with the United States Marshals.

Chansley belongs to a movement based on the conspiracy theory QAnon, originated in 2017 from some alleged secret revelations about a pedophile and satanic elite that runs the world from the shadows, with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Pope Francis at the top.

It was also recorded in various scenes of the attack on the Capitol. In that sense, The Arizona Republic indicated that this Donald Trump fan made it to the Senate stand and posed for a photo holding in his left hand a spear from which a United States flag hung.

According to the same Arizona media, since 2019, he has usually installed in front of the Congress of that state shouting about various conspiracy theories, most of them supported by the QAnon movement. In addition, during an interview with the 2020 newspaper, the young man pointed out that he wears a fur hat, paints his face and walks without a shirt as a way to draw attention to people who want to hear him speak about different truths that, he says, they remain hidden by a supposed elite that controls the world.

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