The large family of Dekhtyarenko was given a car from the government of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

In the family of Olga and Vadim Dekhtyarenko from Nadym, one bright event follows another.

Most recently, Olga received the high title of “Mother Heroine” – a decree on this was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. And this week, the governor of the YNAO Dmitry Artyukhov visited the family and handed them the keys to a Toyota car.

On a brand new “gift on wheels”, a friendly family will be able to come to the capital of the district for a concert at the invitation of the head of the region.

Vadim Vyacheslavovich and Olga Ivanovna have been married for a quarter of a century. There are ten children in their family, the older ones have their own children. Very soon, Vadim and Olga will have a fourth grandson.

In 2020, the family became the winner first of the district, and then the all-Russian stage of the Family of the Year 2020 competition, the press service of the Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug reported.

The couple work as teachers and are well versed in child psychology. The head of the family teaches Russian language and literature at school, was the winner in the district and district competitions “Teacher of the Year – 2014”. Olga Ivanovna is the first teacher in the Nadymsky district of a family-type group based on the Skazka kindergarten.

Both have many awards for participating in various competitions and projects.

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Do not lag behind parents and their talented children.

The family is united by sports, creativity, vibrant social life, volunteering and love of music. Dekhtyarenko even has his own family ensemble, in which everyone plays some kind of musical instrument. Not a single city holiday or competition is complete without the participation of this family.

Caring members of a large and friendly family have been helping those in need for more than 15 years in an organized manner, sending humanitarian parcels to the south of the country, and providing assistance to poor villagers. The Dekhtyarenko family created their own “Vagon of Mercy” in the village of “Northern Lights”, where homeless people and those who find themselves in a difficult life situation are provided with assistance and a place to rest. Now there are 16 people aged 30 to 75 years.

Spouses Dekhtyarenko note that the current gift from the district is not the first big help to a large family. They have already received a housing certificate from the region, for which they purchased two apartments.

– In addition, for four years in a row we have been going on vacation with our children for the autumn holidays thanks to the governor’s support. Children’s tickets for subsidized flights are much cheaper than regular ones,” Olga Ivanovna said.

The father of the family added that even less noticeable assistance to large families from the region adds up to a very significant one.

– This is a 30% compensation for utilities, free meals for children in schools. If you monetize everything, you will get large sums. There are many such seemingly small support measures, and many thanks for them. We, as a large family, feel very comfortable. On Yamal, you can have many children and at the same time be well-to-do, a family that does not need anything,” Vadim Vyacheslavovich summed up.

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Nadymchanka Olga Dekhtyarenko told what it was like to be one of the first heroine mothers in Russia

06:21, November 25, 2022

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