The Lipetsk Puppet Theater performance won the international festival

The play “Caliph-Stork” directed by Amela Vuchenovich of the Lipetsk State Puppet Theater was recognized as the winner in the nomination “Best Director’s Work” at the II International Festival of Puppet Theaters “Kuklyandiya”, which took place in Kazakhstan

Professional puppet theaters from Kazakhstan, Russia, Brazil and Ukraine took part in the festival. The audience saw 19 puppet shows. From Russia, puppet theaters from eight regions took part in the festival, including the Lipetsk State Puppet Theater with the performances “The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish” and “Caliph-Stork”.

Young viewers were able to watch the production of the invited Serbian director Amela Vuchenovic “Caliph-Aist” while online. The director put all her imagination to amaze the Lipetsk audience. The amazing oriental world is revealed in music, dancing and luxurious outfits. Spectators were able to plunge into the world of legends and magic of the Ancient East.

This is a deep and at the same time light performance, revealing simple truths about how impossible to make unfulfillable promises, to be frivolous about words and life. The main characters, the caliph and his vizier, are waiting for magical transformations, deception and betrayal of the sorcerer and the love of a beautiful princess. And, as the saying goes, “there is a silver lining” – any test ends in victory, and a fairy tale is a feast.

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