The living situation of major American coders: programming for 84 minutes a day, life is boring and boring_Overtime

Original title: The living conditions of major American manufacturers: programming for 84 minutes a day, life is boring and boring

“More money and living less being close to home is the eternal dream of Chinese and foreign social animals in ancient and modern times. How can we get closer to this dream?” Sixiang originally planned to start the workplace secret program in the near future, but before officially launching the workplace series, we first ushered in It is a screen of all kinds of topics about 996 and sudden death from overtime. Before pursuing more money and staying close to home, just one overtime worked hard to beat the workers.

Affected by the topic level and voice channels, in the condemnation of overloaded work, the first to bear the brunt was the forerunner of 996-the Internet and technology industries. What kind of existence does overtime work for the so-called industry giants? Sixiang took the programmer industry as an example to observe the living conditions of the crooked counterparts in the earlier areas of the Internet industry.

Welcome to the special series of Sixiang Youth Workplace: What’s the experience of being a code farmer in the United States. Do humble farmers play bowling in the open work area? Paying for overtime to earn 0 yuan for overtime? What does the boss want to imply? …

What is the biggest ideal after work? It is estimated that more than 80% of people will say: Of course it is not working!

For ordinary people, wages are the primary productive force. So let’s first look at the income of American programmers. Similar to the domestic impression of the “high income” of code farmers, when many American code farmers mention the benefits of engaging in this industry, they most often mention considerable salary.

The income of American programmers varies by region. For example, according to the 2016 survey, the average salary of programmers in California, where Silicon Valley is located, is about $30,000 higher than their Alabama counterparts. However, in general, this line of business can still achieve basic food and clothing without worries, and enjoy a comfortable life. Of course, if programmers near Silicon Valley have serious thoughts, they may still be a bit anxious if they want to pursue a good house or a good school district:

The Silicon Valley programmer complained: “I earn a lot and still can’t afford a house in a good location.” Note: Palo Alto is located near San Francisco

In order to create surplus value by working hard and happy for employees, many large factories have given code farmers some privileges in addition to generous salaries, such as flexible office or remote office, snacks, coffee, and some other specialties. welfare:

There are also some ingenious companies that put game consoles, billiards, bowling, ping pong tables, guitars, drums, yachts and so on.

However, as an experienced and outstanding worker, facing a wide variety of benefits, he must first be instinctively vigilant.Is this another routine similar to “there will be a free shuttle bus for another two hours” to trick you into working overtime?


A study on the work schedule of software developers surveyed 5971 developers from Microsoft. The results of the survey roughly described how American programmers’ working hours are allocated in a day.

Contrary to our general perception, American programmers did not write code to fix bugs day and night. In terms of the length of time, the meeting time was even 1 minute longer than programming on average.

According to this research, more than 5000 programmersAverage daily working hours is 9.08 hours, Basically the same as our familiar working hours from nine to six to nine hours.

The specific time is related to the main work content of the programmers that day. The shortest average working time is the bug fix day, which averages about 8.9 hours, and the longest is the Testing day, which is about 9.2 hours. Another thing worth mentioning is thatAlthough the working hours of meeting days (average meeting time of 248 minutes) are 9 hours, which is lower than the average of 9.08 hours, the enjoyment rating ranks bottom among all workday types.Meetings are the eternal natural enemies of social animals.

The average data of Microsoft employees does not seem to show the shadow of overtime, so what about the situation of other big factories? Regarding this specific question, we asked 4 programmers currently working for different Internet and technology giant companies in the United States (the following are all pseudonyms, and the company names should be hidden at the request of the interviewee).

Little V:I don’t think I have worked overtime. We have free time.

pony:I have never worked overtime, and there is no overtime pay. In addition, whether or not to work overtime is also related to the department. Some busy departments in the company seem to work overtime very seriously. Of course, it is far worse than the domestic one. (Regarding working hours) There is no stipulation, it is more arbitrary, but the salary is paid in 8 hours. You arrive at 10 o’clock every day and leave at 5 o’clock without being supervised, as long as you can finish your work.

Dora:I don’t feel much overtime. Usually there is no such thing as the above requirement that you have to work overtime, but if you have a wrong estimate of the completion time, for example, if you plan to complete it in 1 month, you have to do it for 3 months and you have not been urged by the leader, or you can only find time by yourself during the day. Made up. (Four Elephants: Will I be allocated 8 hours of work that I can’t finish?) Probably not. Generally, there is no mandatory overtime, which can only be regarded as a personal choice.

Felix:Haha it was added, sometimes when I rush to work. In addition, our salary is a fixed package, and we have not reported our overtime or anything.

Only one of the four major programmers we interviewed has ever worked overtime occasionally. However, they also mentioned that although working flexibly, working at random, and working remotely from home, many large factories now have an on call system, that is, department members take turns, and one person is on standby every week to deal with urgent problems.

You must have noticed carefully, our interviewees mentionedI don’t have money to work overtime. Unlike everyone’s inertial perception of the “high overtime pay” of major domestic factories, American code farmers have zero overtime pay regardless of whether they work in major factories or pheasant companies.

It’s not that the boss of the company is not a man.According to the US Fair Labor Standards Act, computer employees areHigh wages, special treatment and greater work autonomy are not applicable to the minimum wage and maximum working hours system like executives and supervisors. They are called “exempt employees”, which means exemption from the maximum working hours.Therefore, it is impossible to obtain overtime pay for overtime work. In terms of income, for American programmers, working overtime is a matter of stabilizing losses and not earning money, so naturally everyone is not cold about working overtime.

This kind of regulation also gave some IT companies the idea of ​​testing on the verge of breaking the law. In 2014, LinkedIn, the largest workplace social networking site in the United States, classified some salespeople as exempt employees. They did not pay overtime for 40 hours per week. After being investigated by the Department of Labor and found to be illegal, they Britain paid 359 current and former employees US$3.3 million in overtime compensation and US$2.5 million in damages.


Even if they are considered by the outside world to be high-paid and well-paid happy workers, programmers in the United States also have all kinds of troubles.

On Quora, a question-and-answer website called the US version of Zhihu, we watched the answers to “What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a programmer?” and “What is the experience of living in Silicon Valley?” Tiredness, house, future… If you don’t consider income, the sadness and joy of the world’s social animals are still the same.

The tiredness in the mouth of American coders, in addition to the monotonous tiredness of living from 9 to 5, also some people really feel tired from work. Generally speaking,More money and less life are the prerogatives of big companies.In contrast, if an ideal code farmer walks into a start-up company, he is more likely to work overtime.

In Dachang, although the community and livestock have no financial motivation to work overtime, they still have a chance to listen to the “chicken soup” teachings while watching their boss work overtime. Of course, whether this is poisonous chicken soup or real chicken soup still has to be judged by yourself. For example, a code farmer complained about him. The former boss of a major factory taught him: “You can maintain the status quo, but if you want to get a higher position, you have to work as hard as me.”

One of our interviewees also mentioned that the situation of working overtime in the company generally occurs in “Newcomers, those with risky ratings, and those who want to be promoted“On the body, he also emphasized,”You can choose to do more and more output, but you can always choose to commute normally”。

In contrast, the fear of American programmers being “replaced by foreign outsourcing” has more regional characteristics. Perhaps Chinese programmers have a reputation for being hardworking, brave and cheap. As early as 2014, it was revealed by a US operator that a lazy programmer of a company outsourced his work to China. The programmer paid 1/5 of his salary to a Chinese company to complete the work for him, while sitting in the office watching videos, shopping online, surfing on social networking sites, and leaving get off work on time at 5 o’clock every day. After the outsourcing plan was exposed, the programmer was fired from the company.

After reading the joys and sorrows of foreign IT companies, we might as well think about working overtime again. Work more and get more is a universal rule, but when business managers equate overtime with struggle, the taste changes. In addition to moral kidnapping, overtime culture is keen to tie the value of people to work only, and ignores that hitting workers is first of all an individual, and cleverly makes you fall into self-doubt and reflection to continue moving bricks.

What is more worthy of reflection is that in the business world that is sailing against the current, Google and Microsoft are still in the forefront of the world’s top 500 without 996, and their foreign counterparts are diligent and conscientious in 996 for love. Wolf 996 is really the only law of success ?

Struggle itself should be the worker’s self-choice, and there will be no consequences if you don’t choose after completing the basic work and get paid. It’s not the compulsive voluntariness of “you don’t choose someone,” and “you don’t choose, you will have consequences Take the threat of”. Struggle is not guilty, but the overdraft of life does not reveal whether one’s struggle can be called struggle will be a question mark.

There was a buzzword a few years ago: “The world is so big, I want to see it”. Do you still dare to say this confidently now?

In the future, we will launch a new series of workplaces, using big data to tell you how to choose a job wisely, and what pits you can’t think of in the job market. Which industry do you want to know the most about? Please leave a message in the comment area to tell us.Return to Sohu to see more


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