The love story of figure skater Radionova and football player Kuchaev: Elena’s first novel, acquaintance on Instagram, tender photos

It is now possible to achieve serious achievements in figure skating only by giving one hundred percent to him. Not surprisingly, many celebrity skaters deliberately give up romantic relationships during their sports career. Champion of Russia, medalist of European and World Championships Elena Radionova She was also fixated on training and rejected boyfriends.

And only after the end of her career, the charming skater was able to open her heart to love. Footballer Konstantin Kuchaev persistently sought Elena’s attention, and the girl reciprocated.

Why, exactly for the sake of a football player, did the star figure skater break her deliberate rejection of romance?

How did the Russian national team player conquer the impregnable champion?

Figure skater Radionova has declassified an affair with a CSKA football player. It looks like everything is serious

New star couple in Russian sports!

Kuchaev conquered the impregnable skater

Radionova was a very successful figure skater. Elena twice became the world champion among juniors, won the Russian championship, twice took silver in the European championship and took third place at the world championship. Now, many skaters can only dream of such a track record. But all this got to Radionova with great difficulty: the girl spent all her time and energy on training and did not even want to think about relationships. Naturally, the talented and charming athlete did not experience a lack of boyfriends, but she put her career interests first.

“The ideal of women’s skating.” Why skater Radionova decided to end up with sports

The talented athlete won against Medvedeva and Lipnitskaya, twice became the best in the world, but she never became a great champion.

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Due to the skater’s unwillingness to spray on her personal life, Elena seemed impregnable and inaccessible for men, but the football player Konstantin Kuchaev was still able to get the girl’s attention. And even in the difficult Olympic season! The CSKA midfielder came across Radionova’s profile on Instagram and quickly became sympathetic. The footballer wrote a touching message to the girl, which she could not ignore.

“Before Kostya, I had no novels. No one. I was absolutely not interested in relationships with boys. Of course, there were boyfriends, guys who tried to look after me somehow, but I absolutely didn’t need it. Kostya is the guy who achieved me, achieved his goal, ”Elena admitted in an interview with Vasily Konov.

The athletes met after a month of communication on the Internet, and soon they began a relationship that has lasted for several years. But for a long time, athletes kept their romantic love story a secret from the general public. On March 18, 2020, on the footballer’s birthday, Radionova posted a joint photo in which she stands hugging Kuchaev.

Prejudice against football players

Elena found support and understanding in Konstantin. The skater quickly realized that she had met her man, who had all the important qualities for her.

“He did things. I didn’t say it, I did it. He is reliable … I am the kind of person who is difficult to make contact. And he did it. He is far from being a stupid person and has always supported me, “said the R-Sport figure skater.

Before relations with Kuchaev, Radionova did not have the best idea of ​​football players. Due to the frequent negative publications in the press, the skater got the impression that they all suffer from “star fever” and behave dishonestly. But Kostya quickly convinced his beloved. Thanks to Kuchaev, Elena began to communicate with other “army men”: Chalov, Oblyakov, Diveev. According to the skater, they are all decent and modest.

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After meeting Konstantin, Elena began to get involved in football and attend CSKA matches, and during self-isolation she even learned to mint and play touch. Kuchaev, however, still does not understand figure skating and admits that the girl’s sport is not to his liking.

“Lena’s family likes to talk about figure skating, but I sit, I don’t understand anything. But over time, I learned a little who was performing, that there was Lutz, Axel, and that’s all. More precisely, I know that there are such jumps, but I don’t know how they are performed, ”Kuchaev admitted in the show“ Home Alone ”.

Kuchaev made Radionova proud of him

At the age of 22, Elena has already completed her professional career and is now working as a choreographer. For football players at this age in sports, everything is just beginning. Kuchaev has made significant progress this season and has become one of the key players in CSKA. The midfielder scored six goals in 15 matches and was called up to the main Russian national team for the first time. Perhaps this is the merit of Elena, who inspires her lover to football feats.

“I am very proud of Kostya. I want him to succeed. I try to support him, find the right words. But I see his conscious approach to business, he really deserves his position in the team, he has all thoughts about football, ”said Radionova.

Radionova: a rebel lives in me

Russian figure skater Elena Radionova – about the chagrin of performing in the Grand Prix finals, problems with growth and the desire to play the role of a rebel.

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Lovers almost do not post joint photos and neatly speak about each other in interviews. Elena believes that happiness loves silence, and tries to bypass the themes of her personal life.

And how I would like to see this beautiful and happy couple more often!

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