The luxury Birkenstocks that no German tourist will wear

Katie Holmes in New York with her rubber soled sandals and her pink socks is the exact point where the paths of the classic and the modern girl with a weakness for clothes intersect. The girl who invented the winning combination of 2020 (cardigan + knitted bra) has once again hit the trend target with another somewhat more controversial but equally current pairing. 2021 will be the year of socks, oddly enough, and although Holmes has not invented anything new, nothing that tourists have not practiced in Mallorca since the 60s, he has introduced some surprising variables into the equation. First, some full color socks. Then a luxury version of the old German sandals. It is a collaboration between JW Anderson y Birkenstock that, like everything the designer touches, will soon make an appearance in the most privileged wardrobes. Now, how many German women will change their Arizona for these luxury sandals?

We can think of one: Veronika Heilbrunner, who did as much as the Olsen to get these sandals out of German houses to elevate them to the top of the street trends. After all, you won’t find a more comfortable and resistant sole on the market. The JW Anderson version supports the motion that postulates flat shovel sandals as the most elegant of the season. From the best sellers in Zara, through Madrid, the popular Birkenstock model to its luxurious older sister, decorated with gold links on the wide strap of the instep.


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