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A 14-year-old teenager from Marion County, inland Florida (United States), was arrested and remains free on bail for stealing $13,500 from her grandmother, the life savings that the young woman distributed among her classmates. of school.

The information, released Monday by local media, was released by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, detailing that the young woman, whose identity was not revealed, is a student at Lake Weir High School, where her classmates benefited from the money allegedly stolen from the grandmother.

The young woman would have managed to access the grandmother’s safe, from which she stole about 13,500 dollars in cash, the supposed life savings of the woman after selling a house.

The Sheriff’s Office indicated that the girl began last week to deliver cash to classmates, which came to the attention of the center’s management.

The parents of the students were contacted by phone messages by the school management to inform them of the event and ask them to speak with their children, since a criminal investigation was underway.

The students who accepted the money told agents that the girl claimed it belonged to her grandmother and that she had her permission to give it away.

Some students did not believe the story and reported it to school administrators.

Florida media collect the testimony of a mother, Michelle Spaulding, who said that her daughter, a student at Lake Weir School, was offered money but refused to accept it.

“When he got home, he said there was a student handing out money at school, but he decided not to take it,” Spaulding said.

The young woman, who now faces grand theft charges, was arrested, although she was released on bail after paying $2,000.

School officials, who are trying to recover the money, found $2,500 in the teen’s backpack, while one student returned $200 and another $500.

The Sheriff’s Office and school officials have asked parents to check with their children to see if they received any of the stolen money.

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