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The NFL announced that the painter Lucinda the brunette Hinojos will be the first Chicana and Native American artist to produce Super Bowl LVII-themed art, which will be played on February 12, including the game ticket design.

“I’ve always thought that the Super Bowl game is at the center of this very distinctive sport and for me as the first Chicana and Aboriginal woman to design the art of the ticket, that’s something amazing and very proud of,” Hinojos said. .

the brunette He was born in Phoenix, where he has strong ties to the community and his past.

As a Chicana and Aboriginal artist, Lucinda explained how the multicultural roots of Mexico and the Pascua Yaqui, Chiricahua Apache, White Mountain Apache, and Pima Akimel O’Odham tribes have influenced her art.

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“I create art in the hope of providing a healing element of unity and human connection, and with this Super Bowl project I hope that people around the world will have a dialogue about the meaning of the paintings they hold dear. That’s a beautiful thing to me,” he said.

The painting that will appear on the ticket for Super Bowl LVII, which will take place at State Farm Stadium in Arizona, includes symbols that represent local culture and history.

The main image features the Vince Lombardi trophy, in the background, behind a playing field, are the White Tank Mountains, Arizona’s main mountain range.

On them Hinojos painted a couple of dancing figures. The first performs the Fancy Shawl, a dance that imitates a butterfly according to Native American culture; the other is an Aztec man crowned with a plume.

According to the brunettethe objective in this art is to unite and enhance communities of color in Arizona, something that for the NFL is transcendental.

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“Lucinda is a gifted artist, a woman who represents her Chicano heritage with authenticity. We are excited to use the Super Bowl as a platform to showcase her art and highlight the local communities that are critical to Arizona,” said NFL Vice President of Marketing, Marissa Solis.

In addition to designing the Super Bowl ticket, Hinojos will be involved in putting together a massive mural alongside Cahokia, an Aboriginal-led platform to keep peace in their regions.

Other aboriginal artists will also participate in this mural such as Randy Barton, of Diné-Navajo descent; Anitra Yukue Molina, Yaqui; and carrie CC Curley, of San Carlos Apache descent.

The work will measure 882 square meters and will occupy a space in the Monarch Theater, located in Phoenix, Arizona.

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