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The Chicago Cubs see Manuel Rodríguez as their possible future closer and by putting the Yucatecan as the closer for their Double A branch they are sending him an important message about his future and what they expect of him.

“Without a doubt, it is a great message for him from the organization,” said Sergio Hernández, a scout for the cubs, who signed the Umanense, to La Jornada Maya. “It is a way of showing him what they think and have prepared for him.”

The Tennessee “Smokies” make their debut against Montgomery in the Southern League today as part of the return of the Minor Leagues.

“Bolón,” 2015 Mexican League Rookie of the Year, has seven career saves, all from Cubs affiliates. In 2019 he made two saves three times with Myrtle Beach.

The beasts look for the substitute of the left-handed Otero

After the departure of left-hander Andy Otero -he signed with Milwaukee-, the Lions are looking for a pitcher who will come to compete for a place in the rotation and again to Yucatan the nine foreigners with whom he plans to start the season (seven in the active poster). The sports director, David Cárdenas Cortés, told this newspaper that they are analyzing options and practically ruled out the left-handed Luke Westphal, who the previous year was considered one of the reinforcements.

Promising hairy litter at the Pacific Academy

The beasts, which in recent days joined their rookie base to pitchers Kristopher Romero, Jorge Luna and David Zazueta, have a promising litter at the Pacific Academy for the 2022 class, Chicago scout Sergio Hernández considered.

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