The Mexican Diana Flores knows no borders in the NFL

At 25 years old, the Mexican Diana Flores is living perhaps her best moment as a flag football playerbecause just last July he managed to conquer the gold medal in this discipline within the World Games that they carried out in Birmingham, Alabama in the United States, later was named a global ambassador for the sport she practices by the NFL and it was the same NFL that invited her to participate in the next Pro Bowl Games as Offensive Coordinatorin February 2023.

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Flores He spoke to Adrenalina about what having his effort and career recognized has represented for the most important American football league in the world, assuring that it is something that has her with a feeling of happiness.

I am very happy, I feel very honored and very grateful for everything that is happening and right now with the appointment as offensive coordinator for the Pro Bowl Games, this is one more dream that has come true, for me on this occasion reality surpassed fiction, this is something that I would never have imagined and I am very grateful for it”, she declared.

The same way, the athlete made it clear that she is proud of the fact that she will be able to have Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis as teammates in the Pro Bowl Games, as they are NFL figures he has admired since his childhood.

At the same time, I take this appointment with a lot of responsibility, with a lot of commitment, the commitment generated by continuing to open doors and make the sport grow and representing not only my country, but also women in American football, and I am very grateful to be able to share a place with legends like Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis, whom I grew up watching from a very young age and now I am going to have the opportunity to learn from them, not only that, but also to work as a team with them and support them with my knowledge to contribute to this great event that will now be flag football”, he stated.

Diana is aware that what is happening to him at presentit would not be possible without a fundamental piece in his life, because He stated that the support his parents have given himhas been total and absolute to be able to succeed.

From a very young age, both from my father and my mother and from my close family, I received a lot of support, despite the fact that it was a sport that at the time and up to now a little, is considered contact or not suitable for girls, but I never had that restriction from my parents, on the contrary, it was all positive and being at the foot of the canyon in all my training sessions, I had unconditional support, I had to play with children of 14 or 15 years old, because the women’s categories were not yet so popular , but they told me, come on, yes you can and that there were no limits, ”he said.

Just the encouragement that his family has given him, led her to be part of the Mexican women’s team that won gold at the 2022 World Gamesin the discipline of flag football, affirming that a team with a great mentality and talent was formed to face said competition.

That gold medal was something we worked hard for, since the beginning of the year we had a very engraved phrase in the team, in the staff, which was “think gold”, so all we did for six months was think about gold, during our preparation, in the changes in strategy, in the study and the whole scout, when we arrived at the competition we were very clear about what our objective was, we did not see ourselves leaving without the gold medal, we knew that the final was going to be competitive, but we knew we were the strongest team in that place,” he said.

flowers who She is currently listed as the best flag football player in the worldcommented that he has sought that the recognition that the NFL has given him, Help your sport be considered to enter among the disciplines that will be played in the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games.

When we won the gold medal, from that, together with this alliance that the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) makes with the NFL, it was at that moment, that also taking into account my entire career and the results, I Given the appointment of flag football global ambassador, I felt honored because now I was going to be able to contribute to my sport not only on the field, but also off it, we have been working together to try to help flag football become a an Olympic sport, we were in London a month and a half ago with the International Olympic Committee to talk about the inclusion of this sport”, he stated.

Finally, The Mexican quarterback was satisfied with the development and drive that flag football has had in recent years at the national and international level.

The growth it has had in recent years is incredible, not only in Mexico, but throughout the world, it is a very noble sport, very inclusive, which represents men and women on the field in the same way, it gives the same opportunities, I believe that all these virtues have allowed them to grow within society, both in girls’ categories, as well as recreational ones and now increasingly at a professional level, I am very happy to see this impact on the new generations”, he concluded.


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