The miracle baby entered in the Guinness World Records

“Can we give my baby a chance?” “ These words are those of Michelle Butler after the birth, on July 5, 2020, at 21 weeks and one day, or 4 months before the normal term of a pregnancy, of her son Curtis Zy-Keith Means. The baby weighs only 420 grams; the delivery was not due until November. The baby’s twin sister, C’Asya Means, will not survive. She died the day after her birth.

Curtis, placed in an incubator, fights. He breathes in oxygen and his heart rate improves. The “Reacts in an extraordinary way” treatment and care and will spend 275 days in intensive care. With ups and downs.

For University of Alabama hospital pediatrics professor Bian Sims, his birth “Was a complete shock”. It was he who announced to “Chelly” that his son had little chance of surviving but he noticed that “Curtis is a special young boy”. He explains : “I’ve been doing this job for almost 20 years, I’ve never seen a baby so young being as strong as him”. For Colm Travers, assistant professor of the neonatal unit, “Curtis defied all scientific probabilities,” he did not meet any of the criteria of weight, single birth …

Curtis, who had less than a 1% chance of surviving, holds the record for the most premature infant to have celebrated his birthday. He was released from the hospital on April 6. Although he needs oxygen assistance and still has a feeding tube, he is doing very well.

Source : CP University of Alabama at Birmingham, Hannah Echols (10/11/2021) – Magic Maman, mélodie Capronnier (15/11/2021)

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