“The money has already arrived in the accounts of more than 97 percent of the reservists”

All mobilized residents of the 33rd region will receive a regional payment – 100 thousand rubles each. More than 97 percent of the reservists have already received the money. Employees of the social protection service clarified the passport data and account numbers of the mobilized and credited the funds. There are some cases when the money was not received – due to incorrect data.

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– We are still clarifying a few people, unfortunately, there are no data. Right now, there are literally 15-17 people left like that, but we will clarify this in the next day or two together with the military registration and enlistment offices and financial and credit institutions. About 43 people were denied payment, because they were mobilized from Vladimir land, but actually lived in another region. Those citizens who had registration here, we are now specifying on behalf of the governor and a little later these payments will be made, – explains Lyubov Kukushkina, director of the department of social protection of the population.

A one-time regional payment was also received by contract soldiers and volunteers who take part in a special military operation. The lists to the social security institutions were presented by the regional military registration and enlistment office.

– If someone did not receive such payments, but left as a volunteer, and was not on the lists – please declare yourself, give coordinates, perhaps through relatives, contact the military registration and enlistment office to be included in the lists there, or contact social protection at place of residence, – added Lyubov Kukushkina.

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