The most supportive gesture of Íñigo Onieva, Tamara Falcó’s boyfriend, after Filomena’s destruction

At first it was funny, but Filomena is like a joke from ‘Tuesday and Thirteen’: as time passes, more grace is lost. Even so, don’t worry, we came to talk about her but not to analyze her damage or recommend that you stay home or be careful. If a cork oak falls on your head due to the weight of the snow, there you go

We come to talk about Íñigo Onieva (or it doesn’t snow), the churri de la Falcó. Because notice that the boy has surprised us. Because with how warm it is at home, with how calm, has brought out his most supportive side (and how cold it is).

We have been repeating our whole lives that we want to live free, without chains … And now who has some has a treasure larger than a roll of toilet paper during confinement. Driving without them in Madrid has become impossible. And whoever had them from before has hit the jackpot.

And it is that Íñigo, seeing the possibility of being able to help his fellow citizens, has decided to post the following ad on Instagram: “We are rescuing cars and taking hospitals. If you need help write to me”.

Inigo Onieva Tamara Falco

Tamara Falcó has not been slow to share on her own account the publication that her boyfriend made, which is always good to show off a bit (and in case it could help someone, by the way). This morning, at 7:40 a.m., Íñigo was already sharing a new image setting off for the rescue. I also tell you, you want to have to mark at that time a ‘Baywatch’ Alaska version (and not Mario Vaquerizo’s, but where the cold). All this while Tamara was busy, with her brother-in-law Fernando Verdasco, clearing your house of snow.

Inigo OnievaInigo Onieva

La Falcó couldn’t be happier. Her boyfriend doing humanitarian work (to see if he deducts at the time of the Income Declaration) and she just reached 1 million followers on Instagram. That is said soon, but you get to gather 1 million people in the living room of your house. Many Ferrero Rocher pallets would have to be bought.

If it were up to us, Íñigo, we would jump out with you to rescue people. But we don’t really have a car. And driving either. If you want we can try it in Bicimad… Although you probably have to come after us.

Images | @ionieva

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