The MOST Theater team presents the play “104 pages about love”

The era of the 60s, music, openness and an exciting romantic plot – all this awaits the audience of the performance. It is about a desperate attempt to grab hold of youth through the search for true great love. The production will be presented on December 1, 2, 13.

Speaking about the 60s of the last century, one often hears that they are associated with an entire era. The era of thaw. At its very beginning, the first flight into space took place. The cultural evolution of the country also took place at cosmic speeds: it was a time of great names and great works.

The MOST Theater team headed for the 60s and boldly set off to conquer the heights of Soviet psychological dramaturgy, choosing the play 104 Pages About Love by Edvard Radzinsky. So that it finally becomes clear to everyone: the theme of love is timeless, because young, honest and beautiful heroes will take the stage.

Words and sounds of songs will whirl, sing. And time itself will run counterclockwise, returning viewers to a bygone era.

The production of the same name is full of youthful energy, tender romance and kind irony. It will be presented to the viewer as a “musical melodrama”. However, behind the lightness of the genre is hidden philosophical overtones. According to Georgy Dolmazyan, director, this play is about a desperate attempt to seize on youth through the search for true great love.

It is known that the scientific breakthrough of the Soviet Union brought new romantic heroes to the forefront of society – scientists, engineers, geologists. At the same time, the opposition of “physicists” and “lyricists” appeared in everyday life. Although in reality it was, to a greater extent, reminiscent of synergy. After all, both those and others believed that art and science can be in harmony.

According to the plot of the staging about the love of the flight attendant Natasha and an employee of the Research Institute named Electron, the director added both physics and lyrics. The action takes place in an atmosphere of authentic music of the 60s and modern dynamics.

The strong nerve that runs through the being of the protagonists creates a powerful chemistry that will make every viewer experience strong emotions. What is happening on the stage will inspire you to plunge into the memorable moments of your own life, which are hidden in the hidden corners of the heart.

The production of “104 pages about love” will be presented at the MOST Theater on December 1, 2, 13. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit the website.

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