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Anisah Ahmed bites her lips with blood, and spends her fury on a vase… It is a gift from this traitor! It’s been two years since the young woman flashed on Iqbal Mohammed, discovering him in a BBC documentary, where he spoke about his profession as a lawyer. It was in 2008, she was 28 years old. Taking her courage in both hands, she contacted him on LinkedIn, and he responded kindly. During months, they exchanged online, amused to discover a lot of common points. The same job, the same pool of life in England, she in Oxford, he in Birmingham. Then, at the end of 2013, they decide to meet. The evidence ! For six months, they live a mad, wonderful love, and swim in a cloudless happiness. But Iqbal omitted to specify a “small detail”: he is married …

For the young woman, the return to earth is brutal. But rather than dump him immediately, Anisah takes the time to think. Mocked, humiliated, she does not simply want revenge for her lie. She wants to annihilate her lover. Laminate it. Destroy his reputation and his career. His diabolical plan is being put in place …

For starters, she sends his wife all the details of their affair. Their emails, their naughty texts, the hotel rooms where they slept. Tonight, “Master Mohammed” will have a hard time defending himself! Then, in the process, she forwarded the same information to all of Iqbal’s colleagues. And while her little bombs are doing their work, she opens a fake email account in the name of the rider, sends herself false threatening messages, and goes to file a complaint.

She sends emails to his wife, colleagues …

– I broke up with this man, she explains to the police station, in tears. Since then he has been harassing me day and night. I’m afraid…

A few hours later, Iqbal Mohammed was arrested in the office in front of his colleagues. He does not understand what it is all about.

– Mrs. Anisah Ahmed files a complaint against you for harassment, we explain.

A blow of the club. Anisah has gone mad. Isn’t it enough for him to have ransacked his marriage? His wife, upon discovering Anisah’s emails, collapsed and left the house.

Seven hours in custody

Placed in custody, the lawyer repeats the same explanations for seven hours. Yes, he knows Anisah. Yes, they had an affair for six months. No, he didn’t send her threatening emails. It’s a stunt!

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Investigators finally admit it, when an IT expert, appointed by the suspect, confirms that the famous email address is not his. This is a fake account. And the IP address from which the messages originated correspond to the computer of the alleged victim! Morality: Iqbal comes out of the police station, free, but aware of having been lucky. It will not last…

Even if Anisah Ahmed is arrested in turn to explain herself, she quickly understands that she will not be able to deny the obvious: the evidence is irrefutable. She will be prosecuted for harassment and that risks ruining her career… So, she decides to counter-attack. Quick and strong.

– I didn’t want to come to this, but Iqbal Mohammed raped me several times, she blurted out to the police with a piteous air.

And it gives the dates, the places, the circumstances. Everything is false, but Anisah invents the story with such aplomb, such a wealth of detail, that the investigators bite. His best plea! And a real stroke of genius. Not only has she satisfied her revenge, but the suspicions have once again changed sides. Iqbal Mohammed is released for a second custody. With these rape accusations, he is now risking a lot. A real nightmare! We ask him humiliating, intimate questions. We dissect his private life. His DNA is taken from him. But how to prove that he did nothing, if not “Lie a little” on his availability in love?

The grinding machine is started

Anisah, for her part, is jubilant. His plan works like clockwork! When she is done, there will be nothing left of “Master Mohammed”. On her momentum, she contacts a former boyfriend, a certain Mustafa Hussain. She asks him to buy a phone in the name of the hated seducer, and bombard her with threatening calls and texts. The grinding machine is started. The only downside: the young lawyer is still being prosecuted herself for harassment, which risks hampering her professional ascent. But she quickly finds the solution: she will stage a false assault, accuse Iqbal, send him to prison for good, and the proceedings against him will be dropped! It is Hussain, his ex, who will play the aggressor. She makes an appointment with him the next day, on a small deserted road.

On July 12, 2015, at the end of the afternoon, the emergency room received a call from a woman in distress, who said she had been attacked with a knife on the edge of a country road. On their arrival, the emergency services discovered Anisah Ahmed next to her car, her leg bleeding. The young woman received three blows from the blade, one of which was quite deep. At the hospital, the injured explains that she was driving quietly, when a motorist made her a fishtail to force her to stop. He forced her out of the car, and stabbed her in the leg.

– He said to me: withdraw your complaint against Iqbal Mohammed, or it is your corpse that we will find by the side of a road! The police take his statement, but find his story a little bizarre. No warning light, no signs of braking on the road. The complainant is very talkative. Exalted, even.

– You have to put me under protection, or he will start again! she chokes.

– Who is it, madame?

– What do you mean, who? But Iqbal Mohammed!

“But… aren’t you stopping him?” “

Every time she says his name, her irises flash. If his eyes were guns, the lawyer would have been dead a long time ago… He is made to sign his statement. The young woman frowns.

– But… you don’t stop him?

– To stop him, we would need proof, madam.

Proofs ? If that’s what they want, she’ll give them some! Barely returned home, she gets down to the task, and sends herself dozens of intimidating letters by mail, asking her to withdraw her accusations, on pain of the worst reprisals. But the police still don’t budge. She then recalls Hussain, and manages to convince him to write a letter of confession, in which he admits having stabbed her on the orders of Iqbal Mohammed.

– Of course, you don’t sign, and you put it discreetly in my box!

But the fury ignores that the police are now monitoring his home. Hussain, naive and good-natured, is slipping the envelope into the slot when three plainclothes policemen fall on him. We take it on board military hands at the station, we question him. Who asked him to write this letter? The man mumbles that it is Iqbal Mohammed, but then gets lost in his explanations.

– Obstruction of the proper functioning of justice, you know what it costs?

At trial, she poses as the victim of a conspiracy

Hussain lowers his head. He should never have let himself get into this quagmire.

– She’s the one who plotted it all! he moaned.

– Who she ?

– Anisah!

The lawyer is arrested again, and this time, imprisoned for good. His trial, postponed several times due to the pandemic, finally opened on April 20, 2021 in Oxford court. The young woman presented herself there wearing the Muslim veil, to pose as a victim of a conspiracy – just that! But Judge Gledhill, no fool, didn’t even let her end her whining.

– Your relentless revenge on Mr. Mohammed is cruelty and perversity, he cut in flight. Your false allegations could have had terrible consequences for your victim. Because of you, he was accused of harassment, of rape. He saw his career crumble before his eyes. He even considered ending his life. The damage you caused him is irreparable!

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No remorse in her eyes, nothing but contempt

At these words, the accused does not flinch but does not lower her eyes for all that. No remorse in his eyes. Only contempt, and regret at not having been able to complete his enterprise of destruction.

At the helm, the expert psychiatrist evokes a manipulative, obsessive personality.

– This woman is a danger to others, and in particular to Mr. Mohammed! she concludes.

After deliberation, Anisah Ahmed was sentenced to life imprisonment. Hussain, his accomplice, to two years in prison, 150 hours of unpaid work, and 2,000 pounds (2,300 euros) in legal costs. Iqbal Mohammed, for his part, left the court silent. But free. And above all, accompanied by his wife. Despite the betrayal and humiliation, she finally decided to forgive him. And to stay by his side. Until the end.

An investigation by Julia Freund

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