The mystical musics of Emmet Crowley and Marco Martínez

The Gipuzkoan jazz label Errabal, based in Soraluze and emerged in the shadow of the Basque record company Gaztelupeko Hotsak, has released its references number 127 and number 128, both relaxed, paused and guitarist, labeled as environmental, spiritual and even mystical. CD number 127 is ‘Noi’ by Marco Martínez, and CD number 128 is ‘The inward eye’, by Emmet Crowley.

Regarding the first, Xarra, head of the Errabal label, endorses: «Marco Martínez’s album seems to me of a high level. ‘Noi’ is jazz ECM wave, contemporary music. I would link it with the styles of Nordic jazz in the style of Jakob Bro. Music for adults, yes. The music of this his second album serves as the soundtrack to the latest work by the Gijón company Teatro del Cuervo, an adaptation of Chejov. I launch it convinced and because it seems to me that it is worth supporting it. It is not background music, “he defends.

‘Noi’ is a trio album completed by the double bass player Horacio García and the drummer Pier Bruera who also puts music to the work ‘Todo está hay’ by the Navarrese Victoria Álvarez Mussetti, which freely adapts ‘The three sisters’ by Chejov. There are 10 original cuts by Marco Martínez recorded in January 2021 at the Meidinerz Jazz Club in Gijón and highly influenced by Pat Metheny. The sound wave is landscaped and stretched, peaceful and almost mystical, oscillating between extremely bloodless after hours and imaginary soundtracks.

Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez

The Asturian Marco Martínez, who has a degree in jazz from the Musikene in San Sebastian (the Higher Music Center of the Basque Country), is today a professor at the Oviedo School of Modern Music and Jazz and pedagogical director of the Siero Improvisation Seminar. He has been teaching since 1994, and released the first album under his name in 2018, also in Errabal, entitled ‘Trío’, another marasmo, is available on Spotify. And on the second CD, Errabal’s reference 128, ‘The inward eye’ by Emmet Crowley, Xarra postulates: “Emmet’s is a proposal that goes more on its own. He had doubts about putting the jazz label on it and we left him only the name Errabal. I think it’s just one more free exercise. He plays with the Bilbao double bass player Ander García and the project came to us through him. I think it is an interesting guitar and musical exercise ».

‘The inward eye’ (the inner eye or the inner look) is a duet opus between Emmet and Ander, and the influx of classical guitarists like Wes Montgomery or a particularly astral Barney Kessel hang over it all. His six cuts, rambling for free and also quite mystical (there are recognized Taoist influences), have been recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Javier Monteverde at Cezzane Producciones, Madrid. Explain the promotion sheet: “Crowley and Ander García, to the beat of 11/4, masterfully travel through the land of dreams, inviting the listener to enter into their own internal gaze.”

Emmet is British, graduated Cum Laude from the Leeds College of Music and currently resides in Madrid and works as a professor at the Alfonso X el Sabio University. Like the Asturian Marcos, the British Emmet has also composed music for stage shows, for example for the Mercedes Pedroche dance company.


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