The Nashville explosion caused AT&T network interruption in several states. Official: Now restored-Communications Operator-cnBeta.COM

According to foreign media reports,AT&T recently stated that during the Christmas period, the company’s services have basically recovered from the explosion that caused Internet outages in multiple states.It is reported that during the festival, an RV exploded in Nashville, injuring three people and destroying part of the city’s downtown, including “serious damage” to a key transmission facility of AT&T.


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This has paralysed wireless and wired networks in parts of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama–Cell phoneServices, some 911 networks and communications at Nashville International Airport were terminated, which resulted in a short suspension of flights.

The AT&T building is located a few blocks away from the company’s more well-known office building. In addition to providing local services, it also provides a regional network connection point. According to reports, the explosion damaged the structure and facade of the building. Coupled with the damage caused by water and fire, the backup generator originally used to ensure the normal operation of the AT&T network also failed.

As a result, some services were interrupted for several days, and the emergency unit site partially alleviated the situation. AT&T will also suspend Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois and Missouri data over-limit charges in the last five days of December.

AT&T deployed mobile base stations around Nashville, while rerouting regional network traffic and trying to restore the building’s power supply. The company said on Sunday that it has restored 96% of wireless networks, 60% of business services and 86% of consumer broadband and entertainment. As of today (December 28th), “almost all” consumer services have been restored. However, AT&T is still maintaining 11 mobile base stations, and according to the company, it is still limiting power consumption in the building to avoid generator overloads.

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It is understood that the US federal law enforcement agency identified 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner as the perpetrator of the explosion and reported that he had died in the explosion. Although Warner parked his RV near the AT&T transmission building, investigators have not yet concluded whether he intends to target the building, and they have not announced the motive for the attack.

The local news media WSMV reported that law enforcement officials had asked an FBI informant about whether Warne was paranoid about 5G networks. However, the informant responded that Warner had not mentioned the 5G network to him.

The FBI said on Sunday that the investigation is still in its early stages. “Regardless of the motive, this explosion shocked an important part of the US Internet infrastructure, even though it has now basically recovered.


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