The national costume was presented to him for his birthday by the singer Gordienko

Philip kushma to face.

Remember the famous from “Brother-2”: – I do not like Kirkorov. He’s all powdered, tinted with one word – Romanian.

– So he’s a Bulgarian

– Yes?! Who cares? In general, this is the case.

Not Romanian Kirkorov.


Gordienko blinded him from what was: kushma, shirt, trousers – all ours, autochthonous and in some places homespun.

Natalia writes: “I don’t know a single person who knows how to give a holiday the way Philip does! Yesterday was his day! And what a cool he was! Soulful, atmospheric, cheerful. My dear Philipp Kirkorov, may all your days be so filled and happy. Thank you for giving everyone around you a smile and love.I will not get tired of thanking you for your support and for believing in my strength!

There are only a few days left before the competition, and you have no idea, dear friends, how much Philip is sick of our common cause! I gave him a Moldovan national costume and he put it on with pleasure and conveyed his best wishes to all the inhabitants of Moldova. He became really dear to us, and we to him !!! Does Philip really look good?

Pretty boy!”

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