The new draft of the Recovery Plan is ready

In Rome, late yesterday evening, the Ministry of Economy sent the members of the government the latest version of the draft of the Recovery Plan, which will be examined by the Council of Ministers at 21.30 today.
The document is 179 pages long, the technicians of via XX Settembre have worked on it all day. The chapter on the “control room” has not yet been written.
70% of resources are allocated to investments, 21% to bonuses, the rest to “training and hybrid interventions”.
According to the government, the projects that will start thanks to European aid – about 309 billion in the period 2021-2029 – will already this year bring an additional growth of 6 decimal places of GDP (10 billion).
«Yesterday Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte reassured those who fear further delays:“ We must approve the Recovery Plan tomorrow evening. We have to run “” [Sole24Ore].
“The presidents of the 28 committees of the House and Senate would be furious if, due to a government crisis, they were forced to race against time on Recovery: to compress the examination of a bible that would otherwise require a month of discussions with unions, municipalities and regions. “If they tell us to hurry, revolt breaks out here”, warns Dario Stefano, who chairs the EU Senate commission ” [Bertini, La Stampa].

On the front page

• In Rome, the technicians of the Ministry of Economy sent the new draft of the Recovery Plan to the majority parties. The Council of Ministers is due to examine it tonight at 9.30pm
• Renzi spent his birthday in Florence. Now he seems ready to trigger the government crisis
• There is another draft that causes discussion: that of the Italian pandemic plan 2021-2023. He predicts that if resources are scarce, those who have the best chance of survival need to be treated first
• Today, in a federal prison in Indiana, United States, Lisa Montgomery, 52, guilty of killing a pregnant woman in her eighth month and cutting her belly with a kitchen knife to take her baby girl, will be executed by lethal injection.
• Also in the United States, the Democrats presented the request for impeachment against Trump in the House. In parallel, they asked Republicans to vote on a unanimous motion to ask Vice President Pence to trigger the 25th amendment, but they refused. With a letter, Melania Trump condemns the assault on Congress: “Unacceptable”
• While the debate reigns: is it right to censor Trump on social media ?, in Italy Twitter also reports the profile of the Libero newspaper
• Erdogan instead wants to boycott WhatsApp and invites to replace it with Turkish apps
• Biden has chosen diplomat William Burns as the new head of the CIA
• Today the first doses of the Moderna vaccine arrive
• The Italians vaccinated are 654,362. The positivity rate rose to 13.7%. Intensive care (+27) and hospitalizations (+176) are growing. The dead yesterday were 448 dead.


The 2020 Antarctic ozone hole closed at the end of December “after an exceptional season due to natural weather conditions and the continued presence of substances that deplete the ozone layer in the atmosphere”. This was announced by the World Meteorological Organization (Omm-Wmo), recalling that it had grown rapidly since mid-August, reaching a peak of about 24.8 million square kilometers on September 20, spreading over much of the Antarctic continent.
The Omm recalls that “it was the longest and one of the largest and deepest holes since monitoring began 40 years ago”. This hole was caused by a strong, stable and cold polar vortex and very cold temperatures in the stratosphere (the layer of the atmosphere between about 10 km and about 50 km of altitude), the same meteorological factors that contributed to the hole in the Record ozone in the Arctic in 2020. A situation in contrast to the unusually small and short-lived Antarctic ozone hole that occurred in 2019.
“The last two seasons of the ozone hole demonstrate its year-to-year variability and improve our understanding of the factors responsible for its formation, extent and severity,” said Oksana Tarasova, head of the atmospheric environment research division of ‘Omm.

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