The new nautical base in Colleville-Montgomery will be the big project in 2023

The demolition and reconstruction of the future nautical base represent the major investment of the year 2023 for the municipality of Colleville-Montgomery. ©Credit Agence Schneider

It is in the socio-cultural room of Colleville-Montgomery (Calvados), newly named Salle du Caprice, that Frédéric Loinard presented his wishes to the population of the commune.

Collevillais in the spotlight

The mayor greeted Léon Gautier, veteran of the Landings, who celebrated his 100th birthday in 2022 as well as the sportswomen Laurence Hascoët who, at 60, arrived 46ᵉ and 2ᵉ French at the Ironman world championship in the United States and Justine Lemeteyer, 20 years old, French funboard champion for seniors and who became vice-world champion PWA, slalom windsurfing circuit in Japan.

Sailing club: it begins

The big project of the year concerns the reconstruction of the future nautical base: “Phase 2 of the project should start in the first half of 2023. This ambitious project, worth nearly €800,000 for the building, subsidized up to of €448,000 by the Department, the Region and the State, will give the OCEAN club a powerful working tool, to welcome practitioners in very good conditions, and adapted to the new supports of nautical disciplines such as paddle, wing foil…”

Heating, energy: tracks

About the energy bet: “We will first have to spend to optimize our various heating systems. An urban heating network can be envisaged, to heat all the buildings located in the park of the town hall. »

Shops: it’s on the move

In the village, a study will be undertaken to revitalize it. As for the shops, the move of the bakery is scheduled for February 6. At the beach, after the opening of the Collavilla boutique, the Õyat restaurant will open its doors on February 14.

Surveillance cameras

Eight CCTV cameras for monitoring municipal buildings will be installed by the SDEC in the first half of 2023.

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