The new year 2021 has come to the Irkutsk region – social networks

Well, have you met the New Year 2021? They say that he will be a hundred times better than the previous one, a thousand times more successful and a million times more interesting. The main thing is to believe in a miracle, then all adversity will be bypassed. In today’s review of social networks, there is no coronavirus, politics and everyday problems, only congratulations, colored lights and good wishes.

Let’s remember how we prepared for the meeting of 2021

Many cities in the Irkutsk region dressed up for the New Year. Our correspondent Daniil Konin has already shown what the capital of the region, Irkutsk, looks like. A colorful photo report can be viewed at the link. And how have other cities been decorated?

For example, Cheremkhovo.

And this is Bratsk.

Look how bright Shelekhov is.

Here is another cute Christmas tree made of Baikal ice.

At the end of the year, it is imperative to sum up the results. To recall what was good and not so good, what goals were achieved or what they did not have time to take with you in the new year and promise to achieve them. The most unusual results of the year in the vastness of Irkutsk social networks – at the astronomer Sergei Yazev.

And here is another interesting New Year’s army story from the publisher of the Vostochno-Sibirskaya Pravda newspaper Alexander Gimelstein.

And what frosts it was today! See how the sculptures froze in Irkutsk on the embankment.

But we have those who are not at all afraid of frost. These are our Irkutsk walruses. Just look at what kind of photo session they arranged at minus 33 degrees!

And this is New Year’s greetings from the Irkutsk motorists. Several dozen cars lined up in a Christmas tree.

So. The glasses are full, the table is set, it’s time to hear congratulations. The first to show you the wishes for the New Year from the Governor of the Irkutsk Region Igor Kobzev.

It seemed to me that Igor Ivanovich was too serious for a festive congratulation. The Mayor of Irkutsk Ruslan Bolotov congratulated Irkutsk residents on the New Year much more cheerfully.

There is also a very touching congratulation from the Irkutsk surgeon Yuri Kozlov.

Our compatriot musician Denis Matsuev wished you Happy New Year in his musical style.

After such congratulations and wishes, the next year will definitely be magical.

At the end of the review, I suggest you watch the New Year’s film-concert, which was prepared by the Irkutsk Mayor’s Office. There is about the New Year, fulfillment of desires and love, of course.

Happy New Year! Hurrah!


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