The Next-Day dollar opened at an average of $4,743 after a fall of $1.29 against the TRM

This Monday the dollar opened at $4,743.75 on average, which meant a decrease of $1.29 compared to the Representative Market Rate (TRM), which for today’s session is $4,745.04.

The opening price registered by the Set-FX platform was $4,740. The maximum value is $4,749 and the minimum is $4,739. US$12.7 million has been negotiated in 24 transactions.

The dollar in Colombia falls, in line with the markets. Data on Friday showed the Federal Reserve’s move to cool inflation and stagnant consumer spending paid off, as did consumers’ annual inflation expectations, which also fell this month to the lowest level since June. 2021, a University of Michigan poll showed.

“The Fed has been telling us that it is going to tighten financial conditions until there is a recession or something like that,” wrote Stephen Innes, managing partner at SPI Asset Management, in a prominent pro Bloomberg note. “This is not a great place to own speculative assets, especially the long-duration variety which tells me that in times like this, cash itself is the best in the money put.”

As for the Brent barrel, today’s holiday closure in the European and US markets maintains its price at US$84, its highest levels since December 5.

This level places the price of a barrel of Brent one step away from the double-digit rises in the accumulated of 2022, a balance that drastically improves the general falls this year in both the equity and fixed income markets.

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