The NFL Power Rankings at the end of the regular season

This is what the league pecking order looks like, at the conclusion of the 2022 regular season

The regular season of the NFLand the 14 teams that will play the playoffs with their sights set on the Vince Lombardi Trophy which will be delivered in Super Bowl LVIInext February.

For the rest of the clubs, there is practically no rest. It is time to reflect on the reasons why they do not continue in the fight for the title, and begin to take action to correct the errors and cover the needs of the organization.

The first steps have to do with setting the agenda for free agency, determining possible moves at the managerial or coaching level, and beginning the final part of the preparation towards the 2023 NFL Draft.

Thus, we arrive at the final edition of the NFL Power Rankings from of the current campaign, hoping that you have enjoyed following us as we enjoy making them, week by week.

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After the week 18 of action, that’s how it looks the pecking order of the 32 NFL teams, according to the Power Rankings de ESPN.combefore the start of the playoffs:

Use: The number in parentheses indicates that team’s place in last week’s Power Rankings.

While it’s not a certainty that the entire road to the Super Bowl on the AFC side will go through Arrowhead, having the first week off — and with it time to heal some wounds — should be more important to the Chiefs. — RZ

Last week served as a way for the Bills to show they can win a game with their special teams, too, if they have to. — EC

Philadelphia secured the first seed in the National Conference but, most importantly, they already had Jalen Hurts back on the gridiron and will arrive ‘fresh’ in the playoffs. — LMV

Not too long ago, an NFC backup quarterback closed out the regular season with flying colors to catapult his team to a Super Bowl victory, and now Brock Purdy hopes to follow in Nick Foles’ footsteps. — RZ

If it wasn’t for them clearly taking their foot off the gas in the second half, the Bengals should have pummeled the Ravens. Next Sunday they might not have the chance to do it. — EC

After the bad image they left in Lambeau, Minnesota regained confidence against the worst team on our list, and now the road to the Vince Lombardi that has been denied them so much begins –at home– against the Giants. — LMV

Dallas played poorly in the regular season finale, but with nothing at stake, it doesn’t really matter. It was not only essential to avoid injuries to key players, but also to execute a game plan that showed as little as possible what they have in store for the playoffs. — RZ

The Chargers exposed their starters to an unnecessary loss in the final week instead of giving them a playoff bye; We’ll see if that emotional blow doesn’t take its toll on them in the Wild Card Round. — EC

Few things better than a divisional duel for the Wild Card Round, and more if we talk about the American North, due to the rivalries that have been forged. Baltimore knows that to have a chance at Cincinnati, it has to be with the best version of Lamar Jackson. — LMV

At what point can Brian Daboll be made official as Coach of the Year? The truth is, due to the profile of the New York market and his work in charge of the Giants, I see it as difficult for them to take it away from him. — RZ

It is time to recognize the great work of Doug Pederson, who recovered a Jaguars that went to 3-7 this season. — EC

Detroit faces the offseason in a way they are not used to: excited. Dan Campbell has built a good culture on the Michigan team and now it will just be a matter of getting on with the job by making a good draft and some key signings. — LMV

A postseason without Tom Brady isn’t a postseason, and while there’s no way to count the Bucs among the NFC’s favorites, no one can count on the GOAT. — RZ

No matter how ugly their win over the Jets was, the Dolphins ultimately won a game without Tua Tagovailoa as their quarterback. — EC

We’re probably talking about the most surprising team of the season because, to be honest, I think most of us envisioned them at the bottom of this tally and not in the playoffs with Geno Smith at the controls. — LMV

The Steelers fought valiantly and won in Week 18, even though they missed out on the postseason. They are not blamed for that, but they are blamed for having allowed the season to slip away in such a way that they needed a highly unlikely combination to qualify in the first place. — RZ

Right now, the decision to put the offense in Matt Patricia’s hands doesn’t seem so smart anymore. Before making any roster adjustments, New England needs to make sure its assistants are in the right positions. — EC

Yes, it’s true, they closed the season on a high note with the victory against the Cowboys, but the reality is that Ron Rivera and company arrive with many doubts in the quarterback position. — LMV

Was I the only one who felt a bit of indifference from Aaron Rodgers over the loss that knocked the Packers out of the playoffs? Especially after seeing the caliber of tantrums from him when a rookie receiver misses a pass route. — RZ

Closing out the season with a win surely leaves a good taste in the mouth heading into 2023, but Sam Darnold only completing five passes should force the Panthers to rethink what to do with the quarterback position. — EC

Atlanta, after what was seen in the campaign, is emerging as the main candidate to dethrone the Buccaneers in the National South in 2023, but it is not that we are talking about a contending or consistent team. — LMV

Early indications of Deshaun Watson weren’t great. In 2023, there will be no excuses if the $230 million quarterback ranks last in the division again. — RZ

Zach Wilson is clearly not the future for the Jets. Now, the team’s mission is to find a competent quarterback early so as not to waste the best years of a defense that promises to be a nightmare for the rest of the NFL. — EC

The Saints, contrary to their selves in recent years, finished in the top 10 defenses in points and yards allowed, and it’s good territory to start building on, but the road is still long for the Louisiana team. — LMV

The Titans’ rebuild has to start at the top, because the footage of coach Mike Vrabel’s reaction to the AJ Brown trade last draft was an accurate preview of what we were about to see this season. Either you work on the same frequency, or you fail. — RZ

The Raiders’ failure is all the more uproarious when we remember that Rich Bisaccia led this same team to the playoffs as interim coach last season. — EC

I understand the issue that it is very difficult to understand how they went from being champions to the version they presented in 2023, but I also do not consider that it is because Sean McVay’s position is at risk, or do they want to return to the years of instability in the coaching position? in chief? — LMV

After a year, the Russell Wilson trade is among the leaders for the worst transaction award in sports history. Not everything is written, but the road is uphill to improve perception. — RZ

The Texans decided to end the Lovie Smith era with a bang after just a year in charge, just like they did with David Culley last season. The problem for Houston is that if they don’t nurture talent, their roster will continue to see the same results no matter who they hire as their next head coach. — EC

They have one of the open positions for the head coaching job because the Jeff Saturday thing was a good try, but it also wasn’t enough to show that he’s the answer anytime soon. — LMV

The reality is that Steve Keim was already living overtime as the Cards’ general manager, and it’s fair to assume that a new head honcho in the office would want to bring in his own head coach, even if Kliff Kingsbury’s job wasn’t, nor was it. close, the worst among the head coaches this year. — RZ

The Bears have the No. 1 overall pick in the draft for the first time since 1947 — that’s how terrible Chicago’s 2022 season was. — EC

participated in the preparation of these Power Rankings de la NFL para ESPN: Erick Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafa Zamorano (RZ).

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