The Nordiques are the most searched team on Hockey Reference in Vermont?

Photo par Hockey Reference

All fans of hockey and statistics know the site Hockey Reference.

All imaginable statistics related to the NHL can be found in just a few clicks.

As the year 2022 ends in two weeks, the site managers have decided to do a short review of the most searched players and teams on Hockey Reference according to the geographical data of Internet users.

Here is the most wanted player in each province of Canada and in each state of the United States. Let’s look at the graphs and analyze everything afterwards.

A few comments:

  • It is not a Canadiens player who is the most sought after in Quebec.
  • Where is the computer in Manitoba that constantly refreshes Andrew Copp’s page?
  • Sam Reinhart is big in the Yukon.
  • Max Pacioretty’s page is most viewed in Nova Scotia in 2022. Not Sidney Crosby. Not Nathan MacKinnon. Max Pacioretty.
  • Many people in Connecticut have wondered who Cec Hoekstra is. We also wonder.
  • We also wonder who Michael Eyssimont is. The people of New Mexico know that.
  • Everyone in Alaska now knows what Henrik Lundqvist’s stats are.
  • Same goes for the 45 Idaho sports fans with Nikita Zadorov’s stats.
  • Spread the rumors: Montana is interested in Patrick Roy.

Well, there are still several incongruities and we don’t have 175 years to spend on it. Here is now what is for the team pages.

A few more observations:

  • People in Vermont are really nostalgic and seek out the Nordics all the time.
  • California CAPOTE on the Islanders. To hell with the Kings, Sharks and Ducks. Long live the Islanders.
  • Coyotes are not the most popular in Arizona, but the most popular in New Mexico.
  • If the Chicago snowbirds go to Florida, the Calgary snowbirds go to Georgia to look for Flames stats.
  • Why are the Flyers most wanted in Nevada while the Golden Knights are in Idaho?

It’s nonsense And what disappoints us the most is that all our research on the stats of Paul DiPietro did not tip the scales in his favor.

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