The official portal of the Trans-Baikal Territory | Spouses-veterans of labor from Akshi region received a medal “For Love and Loyalty”

Antonina Gavrilovna worked for 17 years as the head of a kindergarten in the village of Bytev – and all these years the kindergarten took first places in the competitions held. Her husband Pavel Fedorovich at that time worked as the chairman of the village council. All their lives, the spouses were engaged in self-development. Their family baggage includes diplomas in the profession of a veterinarian, graduation from a higher party school, the institute of leading personnel in Ulan-Ude, an accountant at the Sretensky technical school and a teacher at the Chita pedagogical school. The spouses have both regional and regional awards. For example, both have the title of “Labor Veteran”, and Antonina Trukhina – “Excellent worker of public education”.

They made a great contribution to the development of culture on the territory of the rural settlement “Ureiskoe” of the Akshinsky district. We have raised and raised three children, now they are involved in raising four grandchildren.

Every year the organizing committee of the holiday on the Day of the Family of Love and Fidelity allocates 75 medals “For Love and Fidelity” for each subject of the Russian Federation. If you want people close to you to receive this award, you must submit an application for the award to the administration or district office for registration of the spouses. The application must be accompanied by family history, copies of their passports, marriage certificates and birth certificates of children.

Applications are accepted annually in February-March, at the end of April the collected applications are sent for approval to the organizing committee of the Day of the Family of Love and Fidelity. The medals are usually awarded on the day of the holiday, July 8. The award is public, it includes one medal “For Love and Faithfulness” and two badges “Field Chamomile”. The premium set is minted at the Moscow Mint of Goznak by order of the Foundation for Social and Cultural Initiatives.

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