The only woman sentenced to death in the United States will be executed for murdering a pregnant woman and stealing her baby

A United States Court of Appeal authorized the execution of the death penalty against Lisa Montgomery and put as date January 12. The convict, the only woman on ‘death row’, murdered a pregnant woman in 2004 to steal her baby. If the sentence is fulfilled, will be the first woman to face federal execution in that country after almost 70 years.

Montgomery’s attorney, Meaghan VerGow, announced that he will appeal the decision of the Justice and insisted that his client have a serious mental disorder after years of being abused by their parents, according to the agency Telam.

Montgomery murdered a pregnant young woman in December 2004 with the sole aim of stealing your baby. She was convicted of the crime and was scheduled to be executed at Terre Haute Prison in Indiana on December 8. But, this was put on hold after his lawyers verified that the woman had coronavirus.

On December 26, in addition, the judge Randolph Moss overturned an order from the Federal Bureau of Prisons rescheduling his death for January 12 by ruling in favor of a request from his lawyers. However, a three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit concluded that the magistrate delayed the date by mistake and reinstated execution.

Federal Penitentiary Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana, where Montgomery’s execution is scheduled. (AP)

If the sentence is carried out, Montgomery would be the first woman to receive the death penalty after almost 70 years.

The antecedent dates from 1953, and is from Bonnie Brown Heady, convicted of kidnapping and murder and executed on December 18 of that year, according to the registry of the Bureau of Prisons.

Lisa Montgomery had COVID-19 in jail. (Photo: File)

Lisa Montgomery, a childhood of abuse and mistreatment

During the trial and in subsequent instances, the defense of the convicted woman, who was 36 years old at the time of the crime, alleged that the woman suffered all kinds of abuse and mistreatment during her life: was raped by her stepfather and began to consume alcohol as a teenager. When she was 14 her mother discovered the abuse and blamed her for it.

When she managed to escape from home, she met her husband, Carl Bowman, with whom she had four children and later separated. In 2000 she married Kevin Montgomery, with whom she formed an assembled family. Being with him, she simulated a pregnancy and that was what led her to steal another woman’s baby.

The crime committed by Lisa Montgomery

On December 16, 2004 Montgomery, claiming to be pregnant with her fifth child, drove from her home in Kansas to the home of a 23-year-old named Bobbie Jo Stinnett, in Skidmore, with the excuse of adopting a pet. The two had contacted each other through an animal care website. However when he arrived at the scene, he took a rope and strangled the victim, who was eight months pregnant.

Bobbie Jo Stinnett was 8 months pregnant when Montgomery murdered her. (Photo: People)

Stinnett tried to defend herself while the attacker used a kitchen knife to cut open her abdomen and remove the baby. He carefully cut the umbilical cord, wrapped her in a blanket, and went home.

The next day she was arrested and the newborn, who is currently 15 years old, she was returned to her biological father. The man had gone to work when his wife was killed.


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