The other transfer of Bellingham that is little talked about and that Madrid will not overcome

Real Madrid is fortunate not to repeat the same mistake that others made with Bellingham

Bellingham will not make Madrid ‘lose’ money

The influence of Real Madrid and the tactical genius of its president is demonstrated once again when the movements that have led Jude Bellingham to be close to being signed by Concha Espina’s team are reviewed.

The traspaso de Jude Bellingham will move, approximately, a total of 135 or 145 million euros. This staggering figure is due, in large part, to transfer what should pay the team that wants to get the services of the ’22’ of Borussia Dortmund. According to different transfer pages and experts in these football issues, the English midfielder has a market value of 110 million of euros.

However the Real Madrid it is close to incorporating him as a new player to the first team squad for a maximum price of 130 million euros. This difference of 20 million may not be important, but looking back and reviewing the track record that has led Bellingham to that position, the team chaired by Florentino Pérez leaves clearly winning.

Before joining Borussia Dortmund, Jude Bellingham I played for a team Championship english, the Birmingham City. Was here where stood out in the eyes of the big European clubs, but still had a very low market value: only 11 million euros. Though many showed interest in himthe Borussia Dortmund It was the proposal that most interested the player and his family.

A historic mistake that, fortunately, turned out well

This transaction he noticed €25 million, more than double of the value that Bellingham had at that time, a ‘error’ that has turned out more or less well to the German team, since could recover from such a ‘blow’ financial with the injection that involves the transfer by the British midfielder himself towards teams like the Real Madrid o the Liverpool.

This situation will not be repeated: Real Madrid, if the rule were followed, should pay around 220 million eurosa value that is fixed for the report of CIES. However the Borussia Dortmund knows what bliss cipher only exists in the papers forks unreal when at talksso the maximum cap which has been placed in the talks Has been of €150 millionfar from twice its current market value.

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