The Parliament of Latvia removed obstacles to the demolition of the Monument to the Liberators of Riga

The Saeima of Latvia terminated Art. 13 of the agreement with Russia on the preservation of memorial structures, which allows the demolition of the Monument to the Liberators of Riga in Victory Park in Pardaugava. About it informs


The corresponding bill was supported by 68 deputies, against were 18 members of the “Consent” faction and independent parliamentarians Yulia Stepanenko and Lyubov Shvetsova, also elected from the “Consent”. After the vote, at the request of the “Consent” faction, a list of names of those who voted “for” and “against” was read out.

On May 10, the ruling coalition of Latvia agreed on the adoption of amendments allowing the demolition of the Monument to the Liberators of Riga. Now the decision to dismantle the memorial must be made by the Riga City Council. On the eve of the mayor of Riga, Martins Stakis, he said that, probably, before the elections to the Saeima, which will be held on October 1, it will not be possible to demolish the monument.

The Monument to the Liberators of Riga was erected in the 1980s. Every year, on Victory Day, thousands of residents of the capital gather at its foot. On May 9 and 10 this year, they carried flowers en masse to the memorial, which were removed by public utilities with a bulldozer. The monument was repeatedly desecrated, and in 1997 an attempt was made to blow it up.

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