The Power of Voters Over 50 in Arizona | Videos | Univision Phoenix KTVW

community vote.according to a new study,the main focus shouldbe among the adults of 50years or yearsreporter: are some of thesections between ourcommunity when we askif they went out to vote.>> these 50-year-old votersyears who are going to return todecide the elections of thisyear,it is very important that we knowwho are these candidates andyour proposals.and above all that the candidatespay attention to be ablegain.reporter: in the race forthe governor of arizona issurvey shows that allvoters over the age of 50law is ahead, but whenwe talk about Hispanic votersin the same age group, ortake the lead.>> we continue to grow communitywhich maxim registers forreporter: and is thatAccording to this survey, 91%of people aged 50 orwho live in our stateThey are extremely ready tocome out to cast your votenext November.reporter: what message do you havefor the Hispanic communityis eligible to vote butHaven’t you decided to do it yet?>> they say, my vote is notaccount for nothing.

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