The preparation of LeBron James, the key to his success at 38 years old

Tonight, LeBron James once again sent a line straight from the next Space Jam. 43 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists on the truffle of the Hornets, the King’s second straight outing to over 40 points… at 38. For the person concerned, he owes his performance only to a millimeter hygiene of life. The key to continuing to sicken defenses.

Almost every morning, it’s the same for basketball fans: we get up, we open Twitter and we see that LeBron James has sent another statistical line of zinzin from space. At 38, Bronbron seems to have no limits. Moreover, small stat’ which will feed a little more a famous debate: James is the second player in NBA history to send two consecutive games past 40 while over 38. The other player? A certain Michael Jordan, who has achieved the feat twice.

To continue in the digital register, LeBron James is this season 29 points, 8.2 rebounds and 6.6 assists average, 51% shooting. We should also add that he played 29 games out of 37, or 78% attendance. Completely crazy figures, which are due, according to the player, to a continuous and optimal maintenance of his body. Nothing is left to chance.

“At 18 or 20, you do everything relying on your energy and your technique… But at 38, for me, it’s mental. How much rest I can get day by day, the optimal sleep, the best food, treat my body well” – LeBron James

Let’s also talk about the impressive device put in place by the King so that he is on the job every night of the season. In 2018, he said he invests about $1.5 million a year to keep his body and mind in shape. Personal coaches, cooks follow him on a daily basis. The amount mentioned is certainly impressive, but without an in-form Bronbron, the Lakers would undoubtedly have many more worries than the many they already have. Austin Reaves noted with admiration last night after the match all the discipline imposed by his leader.

“It’s incredible. Seeing him at his age… the things he does, the way he moves, the contact he endures throughout a game and the way his body has held up all this time, it’s super impressive. It is the fair return of what he does on a daily basis. He is always the first in training, the first to take care of his body and do the job well. To make it short, I’m happy to be in his team”. –Austin Reaves

Health is priceless… or almost. It is in any case the key to the end of LeBron’s career. At 38, nothing can stop him and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s points record will not last long at this rate. Note, given the importance of the King for the Lakers, the latter could well participate a little in the financing of his health.

Source : ESPN

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