The president points to cryogenization like Cristiano Ronaldo

He froze during the Filomena storm, that is, stunned, dumbfounded, stunned, stunned, paralyzed, quieter than a long-term standstill. Taking advantage of the situation, they say that they have signed up for cryogenization. As Cristiano Ronaldo, will undergo brief dips in two hundred degrees below zero and thus, revitalized, will be able to continue in the presidency until the eighty years, as Putin. It’s a plan Ivan Redondo and inspired by “Frozen”. Sánchez It will not be a pillar of salt, because hers is not the curiosity that he could to Lot’s wife and, furthermore, all that he had was donated to Illa for the electoral campaign. Neither does Don Tancredo, because he hates comparisons with Rajoy and what smells like a burning horn. At first, Ivan also thought of “Heidi”: Pedro the goatherd suited the president very well, but Carmen Calvo she refused to be Miss Rottenmeier. Better Moncloa as the Kingdom of Ice and Him as Prince Hans, since we go from account to story.

Spanish singer Alaska.Eduardo Muñoz AlvarezEFE

Said Alaska in a premonitory tweet: «Don’t panic, but ” Mad Max ” is set in 2021». He was referring to the apocalyptic, of course. I have a lot of faith in Olvido because her mother, América, divinely plays the cards and may give her clues. Anyway, now that dystopianism is becoming topical, the only solution that occurs to them, since we are talking about stories, is the classic «people, don’t leave home until the Other New Normal arrives, because it may fall into the head an icicle or devour the strawberry tree bear ». The members of this Government are so ecological that they wait patiently for the sun to solve everything before intervening with elements foreign to Mother Nature. While, Pedro The Cryogenized or the Ice Cream, to choose, gives a red carpet to his own: if the pandemic served at the beginning for the consecration of Sánchez preacher and Simon will shine counting dead and Badly As the fairy godmother of Pfizer, now the duo arrives on the center court Marlaska & Ábalos to sing like Enrique and Ana: «With a red nose / and a colored scarf / I walk down the street …». Only the meteorite announced by Nostradamus is missing for Pedro Duque to shine. It is his turn.


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