The psychologist explained how to understand that a man is really in love

A happy relationship is impossible without trust and love. Psychologist and blogger Alexander Shakhov told RIAMOBy what signs you can understand that the partner takes you seriously. For example, the specialist analyzed the attitude of a man towards a woman.

“If a man has determined for himself that you are his woman, then he will never hide it from others. Moreover, he will actively claim his rights to you. When meeting you, you are no longer just a “colleague” or “acquaintance”, but “my girlfriend”. If he still, introducing you to someone, calls you simply by name, this is an occasion to think about who you are for him, ”Shakhov explained.

If a partner is really in love, he will not only speak, but also act. Plan and travel with you vacation, look for an apartment and so on.

“Of course, a man will not immediately entrust a woman with all his savings. But if he has real feelings, he will cover her basic financial needs. He will enjoy spending money on his beloved. Serious relationships mean commitment. And that includes financial ones. A loving man considers it his duty to provide for a woman and family in the future, ”said the psychologist.

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