The residents of Santa Justa demand the improvement of the Plaza de Doctor Pedro Vallina

The neighborhood associations of the Santa Justa neighborhood denounce the state of abandonment of various public spaces in the area. They especially point out the case of the square on Doctor Pedro Vallina street, which has lacked basic equipment since its creation. They ask the Seville City Council for an improvement and fitting out of the place, which facilitates their enjoyment and the practice of various leisure activities.

The groups that make this request are the neighborhood association The Triangle, the Inti Raymi Scout Group and the Tartessos Alternative Cultural Association, from the Santa Justa area. These have come together in a neighborhood coexistence day to address this issue, which has occupied the Community debate for some time.

ago already more than five years that, in response to the protests of the neighborhood associations, the Seville City Council opened a participatory process to redevelop the plot. According to the residents, the plan approved and budgeted at the time. However, the convening associations denounce that they are still waiting for the reform of the square.

iban diazvice president of El Triángulo, alleges that “the square is unusable”. “The current state of the space is deficient. It does not have benches or children’s games and it is used mainly as a parking lot at Easter and by lover for fixing the bicycles,” he adds.

“It is the only large public space in the San José Obrero neighborhood”Diaz says. In it, they meet periodically and carry out activities for children and coexistence among the residents. In it Revive Planraised by the Juan Espadas consistory in 2018, the intervention of eleven squares located in different districts of the city was foreseen, among which is the aforementioned.

Neighborhood associations point out that the area of the San Pablo-Santa Justa district located north of the train tracks gets less attention than that corresponding to the neighborhood of San Pablo and Kansas City. On the opposite side of the railway crossing, most of the municipal equipment of the urban enclave is concentrated. It should be noted that the remodeling of the surroundings of the Santa Justa train station is planned from 2024.

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