The Rosario company that slipped into Messi’s New Year’s celebrations

One of the most liked photos from the start of this 2023 was the one uploaded by the star Lionel Messi partying andl New Year in his house in the gated community Kentuckyin funes. There are three photos in which the Rosario appears accompanied by his partner Antonela Roccuzzo and their three children Thiago, Mateo y Ciroand in the background the pool.

Apart from running out of the shirt that Messi wore, another of the pearls that caught the attention of the photo was the play of water that was glimpsed behind the protagonists. And it is precisely that it has a local stamp. “Will they be able to have the Messi family as clients? Thanks champ!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ”, they posted from the company Cruciejuegos on their social networks along with the three images of the protagonists.

The Rosario company that slipped into Messi’s New Year’s celebrations

Born as a family business in 1992, Crucijuegos gradually consolidated its leadership in the production of games for squares and public spaces, with municipalities, communes and provinces being its main clients. Although there are also many celebrities who chose to give a special touch to their parks and pools with products from the Rosario firm; such is the case of Messi.

Apart from the games, his portfolio is broader and includes street furniture made of concrete, recycled plastic and rubber for the squares. Cruciejuegos comes from 2022 in which they made a leap and now concentrate operations on a property on Wilde and Autopista, where they gained in square meters and also doubled their workforce and made new technology to respond to growing demand.

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