The series “Katina Love” on the channel “Kaleidoscope”: watch, announcement, details

Watch on the channel “Kaleidoscope” the Russian adaptation of the Mexican TV series “Hold Me Tight”.

“Katina love” – this is a vivid story of the life and love of the girl Katya. Her father’s betrayal in her youth broke her life. Finding herself in a trap, without the strength and ability to change anything, Katya learned to resist. She proved to everyone and herself that the courage of the city takes, and faith and loyalty are the most reliable weapons. After going through a series of incredible trials, she defeated insidious enemies and won her right to be happy surrounded by her dearest and closest people – her beloved man and daughter.

The series will focus on the beautiful Katya Fadeeva, a girl from the Russian hinterland. She studies at a music school and belongs to a wealthy family. Katya’s dad is a prominent businessman who plans to marry his daughter to the son of a local governor in order to make friends with families and strengthen the business. At first, Katya does not resist in any way and is supportive of a marriage of convenience, until she meets Dmitry, an ordinary worker from one of her father’s construction sites. Dima, not suspecting whose daughter is in front of him, falls in love with Katya at first sight. A romance breaks out between the lovers, for which the couple will have to fight.

“The series has room for many aspects of life: love, death, betrayal, friendship, envy, jealousy, the struggle for happiness, betrayal, disappointment, joy, laughter. But for me the main theme is the love of my heroine for her daughter, and in her there is a feeling for a loved one, and fear, and the search for herself. The daughter is a mirror of her life, “says Olga Pavlovets, played the role of Katya.

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Watch the series “Katina Love” on the “Kaleidoscope” channel from January 7, the premiere of the first episode at 00:45, 06:00, 11:15, 18:30.

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