The serious problem of garbage – Manuel Fragoso Álvarez – El Diario de Coahuila

Maybe never as now our planet had been so close to collapse, well maybe it was when that meteorite fell that ended the dinosaurs on earth, (and they say that in December 2021, another like it comes), but hey, that’s another topic. Snowfalls in the Sahara, heat in Alaska, five feet of ice in the city of Guadalajara and hail the size of a baseball in several states of the Republic. But it seems that we see but we do not see, people continue to throw garbage in the streets, waiting for their children to leave school with the car running, enjoying their air conditioning, using plastics and disposable plates, using the car to go to school. corner store, taking their dogs to defecate in the streets without picking up their waste and a lot of things that continue to be done without “dropping the twenty” that times have changed.

A teacher made quite a heavy expense to channel the water that passed through her house from neighborhoods higher up, tires, garbage, bags with rest of food, diapers, sanitary napkins, everything passed by one side of her house stagnant there. With machinery they made an internal channel, so that the water would flow, iron bars were put at the entrance, but these were cut with a saw by a neighbor, “because they did not allow the garbage they dumped to go away”, when they called them the Attention said that “everyone when it rained threw their garbage.” No “authority” said anything about it, although the complaint was brought to the municipal presidency.

Streams that serve as garbage dumps, where people dump dead animals, battered couches and even worn out mattresses. Rivers of garbage are seen on television, islands of plastics that pollute the sea and kill every living being in its waters, beaches contaminated by plastic bags (51 billion microplastics coexist with thousands of marine species in the waters of the world. , seriously polluting this space) cigarette butts (4.5 billion ends up polluting our planet) and waste of all kinds.

What’s happening to us? As that famous comedian said in one of his classic characters of social denunciation. We live in a world of plastic, said another of his great characters. What happens to us as a society? Inconsiderate with the environment and with others, valemadristas, uncivil, bad vibes.

The boulevards and the central streets of our city are clean, but not because the people are, but because of a group of young people, men and women, who every day from very early walk the streets walking kilometers and kilometers, collecting the garbage that they ” citizens ”we threw away, we have seen how from cars they throw plastic bags with garbage“ that after all they pay them for that ”adduced a woman who was called to her attention because her children were throwing garbage from her car, and no lady you should teach with Set an example for your children not to litter. We must have a little conscience (and mother) and not throw our garbage anywhere, because there is always a suitable place for it. Also from public transport, the remains of the corn “fly”, or the fritters, which the users throw from the windows. Have you seen how the cinema is after the show? Like a vile dump, despite the fact that garbage containers are located at each end of the cinema. In the sports city, where they play fronton, the garbage can is at most a meter away, even so, every morning it dawns full of plastic bottles, empty frying bags, disposable plates that leave those “pigs” uneducated . It is not only the number of years it will take for garbage to disintegrate, but the number of places that will be contaminated by large amounts of this waste that makes this a real global problem. And what can we do? Littering, the English word for littering, is considered a global problem of which there are almost no studies. As a result of this alarm, ‘LIBERA, nature without garbage’ was born, a project created by the environmental NGO SEO / BirdLife, in alliance with Ecoembes, the environmental organization that promotes that this is not an alien problem that can be ignored, and that something has to be done about it.

When we walk through the mountains of our beautiful city or walk along the shore of the beach, or down the street itself, we want a clean environment, free of garbage. However, on many occasions, these landscapes are clouded by the presence of waste produced by human activity. The “Reflections” campaign has a clear message: we are all part of the solution, and it will be present on social networks through the hashtag #We have a problem to encourage people to disseminate on their profiles those actions they take to raise awareness about it serious problem that involves the abandonment of waste in our natural spaces. The objective of this initiative is to raise awareness and mobilize citizens to keep natural spaces free of garbage. Here in our city a group of people undertook the task of planting trees in the Sierras, creating awareness among children, because it is through education and example that one can best learn. Let’s hope that these actions are replicated in our favor.

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