The shaman of QAnon, one of the men who stormed the Capitol, arrested

Arizona authorities yesterday arrested one of the most surreal participants in the assault on the United States Capitol, an individual known as Jake Angeli. It is about the man who broke into the building bare-chested and wearing bison skins and a helmet with Viking horns. The United States Department of Justice has reported three new defendants for the assault on the Capitol on January 6, including the shaman of QAnon.

In addition to Jacob Anthony Chansley (his real name), federal charges have been brought against Derrick Evans and Adam Johnson, who gained traction for taking pictures of themselves taking the lectern of Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

Radiography of the deep America that paraded through the Senate

The Justice Department has explained that Chansley and Evans were seen in some of the most iconic images of the assault on Congress. Evans is also one of the new state deputies from West Virginia and posted all his actions inside the Capitol live on Facebook.

All three are charged with a crime of knowingly entering or staying in a restricted building without the necessary legal authority and a crime of violent entry and disturbance of public order on Capitol Hill. Johnson is also charged with theft of government property.

Johnson and Evans were taken into custody on Friday, while Chansley was taken into custody on Saturday, the Justice Department has reported. At least thirteen other individuals have been indicted for federal crimes and dozens were arrested during the assault, including Richard Barnett, identified as the individual who was photographed at Pelosi’s office.

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After knowing his indictment, Evans has resigned from his position as a state deputy according to CNN, a decision that has been applauded by the president of the Republicans in the state. “Derrick Evans’ actions were not intelligent and were not typical of an elected official,” said Melody Potter, the Republican leader in the state.


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