The Simpsons predictions that can be fulfilled in 2021

Over more than three decades, ‘The simpsons’ They provided us with unforgettable moments and became a popular icon in global culture, positioning themselves as one of the most watched TV shows in history. Although there has been a drop in quality in the seasons, fans continue to watch the series and more and more repeats of old episodes.

When it comes to talking about fan favorite situations, a lot can be mentioned, but if there’s something that they’ve caught the attention of an audience outside of the show, it’s their ability to predict various events since its inception, such as the Coronavirus, Disney’s purchase of Fox, US President Donald Trump, Attack on the Twin Towers, etc.

In addition to the yellow family, there are other prophets who, according to their followers, are effective in their words, such as the famous Nostradamus, who left his thoughts for 2021, such as “Baba Vanga”. ‘The simpsons’ they don’t want to stay behind, that’s why the british newspaper Birmingham and direct presented 7 predictions that may come true next year.

+ The Simpsons predictions that can be achieved in 2021:


Baby translator

Herb, Homer’s brother, conceives a baby translator in the third season. Are we going to see him?


Digital big ben

This has appeared in several chapters, and it looks like the traditional Big Ben clock has an expiration date.


Robots vs. Humains

With the growth of technology, we are seeing more and more robots or artifacts. Is there a fault that turns them against us?


A city under a dome

As in the 2007 film, a city is isolated to protect the population. If the pandemic continues, could this happen?


A millionaire blocks the sun

In Season 7, Mr. Burns blocks natural light in order to consume more electricity. Will this happen somewhere on the planet?


Enlist in the Navy

According to the British newspaper, the United States will start providing subliminal messages to recruit them into the Navy.


Ivanka Trump, President of the United States in 2028

Even if it is not directly for 2021, it may be the start of a campaign by 2028. What do you think?

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