The State of California prevents Tesla from selling its technology as “total autonomous driving”

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The term ‘fully autonomous driving’ may no longer be used by Tesla as a sales system in California. A new Law requires maximum rigor when describing the autonomous capabilities of electric vehicles.


Tesla’s Autopilot is under the scrutiny of the authorities due to the numerous accidents that have occurred.

There are five levels of autonomous driving, ranging from 1, which barely offers obvious help to the driver, to 5, where the presence of the human being is completely unnecessary. To this day, the most advanced cars in the world are capable of reaching a level 4 self-driving system. They can operate in highly controlled areas without the supervision of a driver, but they are still very rare to see. The number 5 would be equivalent to the term ‘total autonomous driving’, used by Tesla for many years. A denomination that you will have to stop using it in the State of California from 2023.

A law that will take effect from next year prohibits automakers from using vague languages ​​to express the autonomous capabilities of their vehicles. Specifically, in a clear allusion to Tesla, legal authority has focused on the term ‘fully autonomous’ considering it misleading and unsafe for users. This means that those in Austin will have to rename your package FSD (Full-Self Driving) and its Autopilot system. Something that has been claimed for years from different instances.

There is no doubt that the driving assistance system of Tesla it is one of the most advanced in the world, but it is not a level 5 autonomous driving technology. It cannot be sold as if the car were totally free to operate because ultimately it is always the driver who has the responsibility. Constant evolutions of the FSD Beta package have implemented Tesla’s capabilities to operate independently. Just mark a destination in the browser and the car is able to go there with little interference from the driver.

With Tesla’s FSD package, the driver can’t neglect the road as the ultimate responsibility for safety

The problem is that many users believe that Autopilot exempts them from any attention, and this is not the case. During this year the authorities have paid a lot of attention to Tesla’s maneuvers regarding its autonomous technology. The NHTSA, the highest authority regarding traffic safety in the United States has opened several investigations to determine the effectiveness of the FSD packagegiven the numerous accidents with fatalities that have occurred in recent times.

At the beginning of the year, Elon Musk assured that this would be the year in which Tesla announced the definitive autonomous driving, which would mean reaching the expected level 5, but it will not be like that.

At the end of October finally Tesla acknowledged that it will not have autonomous driving this year. The company will have to tread carefully when it comes to selling its extended security package which currently offers an extended level 2. Despite the setback, Musk is confident that his technology will become a fundamental axis of the company.

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