The state of Idaho joins Texas and gives the green light to another restrictive and controversial abortion law

The state of Idaho is following in the footsteps of Texas and has passed a bill to prohibit access to abortion from the sixth weekafter obtaining 51 votes in favor and 14 against within a House of Representatives controlled by Republicans, as well as the Senate, where it went ahead at the beginning of the month.

Idaho law goes further and will award up to $20,000 -10,000 dollars more than in Texas- to those relatives of an “unborn baby” who denounce the clinic or any person or group that helps the woman to abort.

With this new law, medical personnel who participate in the interruption of a pregnancy could also face a sentence of between two and five years in prison if they are found guilty of a “criminal abortion”. However, unlike the Texas law, the rule passed in Idaho it does include exceptions for rape and incest.

The bill is now on the table of the Republican governor, Brad Little, who last year already carried out a similar measure, although less far-reaching. However, the firm is waiting for the decision of a federal appeals court regarding another similar rule in Mississippi.

As was the case with the Texas law, critics maintain that the measure is unconstitutional and that the deadline -six weeks- is insufficient for many womenwho do not know until later that they are pregnant.

Jennifer M. Allen, executive director of a family planning NGO, has called on Governor Little to do “the right thing” listening to the medical community and veto the rule “before it forces” Idaho women who need an abortion to “leave the state for urgent care,” NBC reports.

Inspired by the Texas rule, there are several Republican-controlled states in which they have been presented. similar texts, although Idaho was the first to give it the green light. Meanwhile, the US Supreme Court is awaiting announcing whether to uphold Mississippi’s law that would ban nearly all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

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