The states in the United States where you could collect the $1,350 million Mega Millions anonymously

Many who dream of winning the Mega Millions would be anxious to have to give their identity.

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After 3 months of raffles the mega millions lottery no winner, this Friday $1.35 billion dollars are at stake, the second highest prize in the history of this game and that of the United States.

This has caused thousands of people, both within the US and abroad, to find themselves buying Mega Millions tickets, moved by the illusion of being able to win this enormous amount of money. In fact, many wonder what would happen if that were the case and also, Who would they tell the good news to?.

And it is that for many, In the event of winning the Mega Millions prize, having to reveal their identity is something that worries them a lot, both for security and privacy issues.

In some US states it is required that the identity of a winner of a lottery prize is made public, but there are also some states where the law does allow you to remain anonymous, which will surely make you enjoy your money more.

States of the United States where you can remain anonymous if you win the $1,350 million in the Mega Millions

1) Delaware. No one from this state has won the Mega Millions grand prize since ticket sales were allowed in their territory in January 2010.
2) Kansas. State law gives you two options: allow the state lottery to broadcast your name, or remain anonymous.
3) Maryland. Sweepstakes winners must give written consent if they allow their photo and name to be released.
4) Mississippi. Also in this state, the winner must authorize whether or not his identity is released.
5) Montana. Here, the laws prohibit your name or photograph from being disseminated, but allow the place where the ticket was sold to be known.
6) New Jersey. The state allows the winner the option of not revealing their personal information, but if they wish, it can be made public.
7) South Carolina. The name or residence of a lottery winner is not allowed to be revealed here.
8) Wyoming. The winner can choose whether or not to disclose their identity and personal data.

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