The Stimulus | She is Lisa Montgomery and they are going to kill her on January 12

On December 16, 2004, Lisa Montgomery drove 8 hours and 46 minutes to commit a crime. He left his home in Kansas bound for Missouri. The goal of such a long journey was, supposedly, to buy a dog. But the real plan was to commit a heinous crime. Lisa killed the saleswoman, Bobbie Jo Stinnett, pregnant a few weeks after giving birth, cut off her belly, took the baby out and pretended to pass her off as her own.

For this crime Lisa will be executed January 12. In this way, she will become the first woman to serve a federal death sentence in 70 years. The sentence has been postponed numerous times, due to the pandemic and even due to petition of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, but it already has a definite date. Unless an unforeseen decision occurs, the 53-year-old woman will receive the lethal injection on Tuesday the 12th.

This was the path Lisa Montgomery took to kill Bobbie Jo

The murderer knew well what she was going for. He met Bobbie Jo, a 23-year-old dog breeder, at a web chat called Ratter Chatter. She posed as another pregnant woman named Darlene. She gained Bobbie Jo’s trust, they exchanged emails, became virtual “friends” and as the end of the pregnancy approached, the fake Darlene told Bobbie that she wanted to buy her a purebred puppy terrier.

Lisa had time to regret it. At some point on the long road between Kansas and Missouri he was able to turn around and go back to Kansas. But no. Once inside Bobbie Jo’s house, he attacked and strangled her until she lost consciousness. Then he sliced ​​open her belly with a kitchen knife. With the impact of the stab, Bobbie Jo woke up and tried to fight. Lisa strangled her again and finished her macabre task.

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He finally took the baby home, almost 9 hours away by car, as if nothing had happened.

Why did he do all that? Because she had just gotten married and wanted a baby with her new husband. But she couldn’t because, years before, she had tied her tubes to make herself sterile.

The terror of discovery

Bobbie Jo was a dear girl. Just before welcoming Lisa, she had told her mother that she was expecting a woman from Kansas who would buy her a puppy. It was she who found her lying in a pool of blood, “as if her belly had exploded,” as she described to the police just an hour after the crime.

Although she lost her life, Bobbie Jo achieved what probably mattered most to her: protecting her baby. In his clenched fists they found strands of blond hair. It didn’t take long for the Missouri police to make the match that would allow him to capture the murderer and return the little girl to her legitimate family. Working in conjunction with the Kansas Police Force, Lisa Montgomery was arrested in her own home the next day.

Victoria Jo, Bobbie Jo’s daughter, was taken care of immediately. He is now 16 years old and lives with his father Zeb, who was in the office when his wife was killed.

Lisa asks for mercy

It’s hard to believe that Lisa didn’t know what she was doing. For months she pretended to be pregnant to gain the trust of another woman who was expecting a baby. When he calculated that the child could survive outside the womb, he invented the excuse that would bring it closer to the mother. He then drove almost 9 hours to perpetrate the crime. Even inside Bobbie Jo’s house, it could have stopped when she reacted after the first strangulation. But he went ahead with his plan to kidnap the girl.

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However, Lisa has asked for mercy on several occasions. He wants to commute his sentence to life imprisonment. His lawyers say that he has permanent brain damage from his mother’s alcoholism during pregnancy.

According to them, his life was one of “inconceivable terror.” Her stepfather and his friends raped her several times and her own mother sexually transmitted her in exchange for drugs and alcohol. At 18 she was married to her stepbrother, who did not treat her well either.

The Lisa’s older sister, Diane, He is one of the people who defends her the most and who has told the hell that Lisa’s childhood was.

Even the Inter-American Court of Human Rights has requested postponement of the sentence, considering that the woman does not have a good defense. They also argue that in an encephalogram that was performed, it was determined that he is missing gray matter. And they complain that the cell he’s in is cold and he can’t wear underwear.

The last resort that the defense and Lisa Montgomery’s family tried was on January 5 of this year, when they asked for clemency from Donald Trump, who will still be president on January 12, the day of the execution. They do not subtract an iota of gravity from the crime, but request that the sentence be changed due to the external factors that made Lisa a person capable of committing such a murder.

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