The story behind John Travolta’s first girlfriend who had a sad ending

John Travolta and Diana Hyland met in the late 1970s and consolidated their relationship; however, the tragedy prevented the bond from advancing Source: LA NACION – Credit: GROSBY GROUP

The actor John Travolta suffered this year one of the most painful losses of his life: that of his wife, Kelly Preston, who died on July 12 after a tough battle with breast cancer. Eleven years earlier, the marriage had been hit by the death of one of their sons, Jett. The 16-year-old suffered a seizure while on vacation in the Bahamas. “Jett was the most wonderful son that two parents could ask for and he lit the lives of everyone he met,” Travolta and Preston had expressed at the time about the teenager suffering from Kawasaki disease.

Long before the actor formed a family that, despite the pain, enjoyed wonderful moments together, the actor was in a relationship with the actress Diana Hyland, relationship of which little is known and that, for those inexplicable turns of life, it also had an extremely sad ending.

The first crush that changed Travolta’s life

Travolta and Hyland met on a shoot in 1976, and 18 years apart Source: LA NACION – Credit: GROSBY GROUP

Diana Hyland began her acting career in 1955, when she was only 19 years old, in an episode of the series Robert Montgomery Presents, the first of numerous projects on the small screen, where he developed much of his career. On April 24, 1969, while shining on the hit soap opera Peyton Place, Hyland married actor Joe Goodson, with whom she had a common son, Zachary. However, the marriage did not survive the numerous storms, and the couple announced their divorce in August 1974.

When the actress thought she would not be able to rebuild her life, one day, without waiting for it, she met John Travolta, 18 years her junior, on the set of the movie made for tv The boy in the plastic bubble by Randal Kleiser. Interestingly, in the film Travolta played the son of Hyland’s character, and it was the project prior to the actor’s explosion in the industry with Saturday night fever which was released a year later. Later, it came Grease and nothing was ever the same for him.

Filming The boy in the plastic bubble movie inspired by a tough true story, it was not a milestone in Travolta’s career far from it, but it was there that he met the first great love of his life, who conquered him immediately.

The funny thing is that before we met I thought I would never have a successful relationship, and the same thing happened to her. But from one moment to the next we meet and fall in love

John Travolta on Diana Hyland

“I was never more in love with anyone in my life. I thought I had been in love before, but no. From the moment I met Diana I was attracted,” the actor, who was just beginning his career, declared about his partner , who already had a son and a vast career in the television world. In fact, in the filming of the biopic, both were objects of ridicule by their teammates, who were dismayed at the relationship, due to the age difference. Anyway, this did not stop their courtship from running its course normally, especially since the actors had met at the perfect time and they were not going to echo the criticism.

“I have more fun with her than with anyone in my life,” declared a young Travolta. “The funny thing is that before we met I thought that I would never have a successful relationship, and the same thing happened to her. But from one moment to the next we meet and fall in love.” One day, Hyland suggested to Travolta that they start living together at his home in Los Angeles with little Zachary, and his partner agreed, while he began to prepare for the famous role of Tony Manero. The actress, meanwhile, began working on the series Happy Days for a special episode, and then got the offer to star in the drama series Eight Is Enough. In other words, the professional and personal lives of both marched smoothly.

The least thought of news

Travolta was close to his first partner until the moment of his death Source: LA NACION – Credit: GROSBY GROUP

In the Christmas of 1976, months after starting their relationship and with the projection of a happy future together, Hyland began to feel ill and, after undergoing a medical checkup, discovered that she had very advanced breast cancer. The professionals suggested an immediate operation but, after performing it, they could not do much: the disease had already metastasized. Three months later, in California, the actress died at the age of 41. Next to him was his son and, of course, Travolta, who suddenly left the set of Saturday night fever to be with her in that last breath.

Travolta took years to put his life back together and form a stable couple. Finding the woman of his life to lose in less than a year plunged him into a devastating state from which he had a hard time recovering. Although he had relationships in the early 1980s with actresses like Catherine Deneuve and Marilu Henner, nothing was the same.

A second chance

Everything changed in the early 90s, when he met his colleague, Kelly Preston, with whom he fell in love instantly, as happened with Hyland. The two married in 1991, and the following year they had their first son, Jett, who was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease as a child. Eight years later, the marriage welcomed Ella Blue.

Although the relationship was plagued with rumors of infidelity, addictions, and situations related to their adherence to Scientology, they always kept a low profile and never distanced themselves. Jett’s death brought them closer together, as did Benjamin’s birth in 2010, which was a rebirth for both. “We tried to have a baby for three years and we felt blessed when it finally happened. It is one of the most rewarding things a person can experience in life and I have had the pleasure of experiencing it with three incredible children. Being a mother makes me feel like happier woman “, the actress of Jerry Maguire to the British edition of Hello!

A decade after that beautiful news, Travolta was struck by another death that tested his mettle. Preston, like Hyland, also succumbed to breast cancer, at 57 years old. In November of this year, the actor addressed his followers with a meaningful message on the networks. “I just wanted to take this moment to thank each and every one of you for supporting me in such an incredible way this year,” he said. “Happy Thanksgiving and lots of love, always,” wrote the actor who faced very hard losses but who tries, from his place and with the support of his children, to get ahead.

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