The story of the Colombian who served in the US military and who beat a young man to death at a party. He then fled, hid in Bogotá

Twenty-four years ago, Guillermo Alejandro Castillo Aguilar, a Colombian who enlisted in the United States Army, apparently murdered a young man after a fight and a half at a party that was held at the home of a fellow military service member. . He was captured and released after posting bail.

Castillo Aguilar took advantage of his bail to flee. He left the United States and ended up in his home country of Colombia. For almost a quarter of a century he continued with his normal life, as if there were no sin or judicial process in his past, but the truth was different.

A court in Harris County, in the state of Texas, United States, had him on the list of the most wanted to respond, in court, for the crime of homicide. His name was pending and the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office began, in a collaborative process, his search.

In Bogotá and in a well-known commercial area, Guillermo was there and when the agents of the Technical Investigation Corps – CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office notified him of the request from the United States, his face reflected what, surely, for years he tried to avoid: an extradition.

“As part of the agreement for the location of fugitive persons signed between the Attorney General’s Office and the US Marshals Agency of the United States Department of Justice, CTI investigators located two men who traveled to Colombia to try to evade the action of the US authorities,” explained the Prosecutor’s Office after reporting that the capture of Castillo was achieved.

The Colombian fugitive in Colombia will have to wait, detained, for the procedures for his extradition. He will return to the country that welcomed him, the United States and from where he fled, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, to avoid the calls of justice and basically answer for the murder that was committed to him.

“The Directorate of International Affairs of the Prosecutor’s Office, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will notify the present capture to the Embassy of the United States in Colombia so that all legal procedures are completed to advance in the extradition process.”pointed out the accusing body.

another catch

The Prosecutor’s Office also reported that within the framework of the operations and in this process of judicial collaboration with the United States, the capture of a United States citizen, Patrick Dale Liljebeck, who was convicted of charges related to drug trafficking in the state of Arkansas, was achieved. USA.

The man managed to get out on parole and fled to Colombia, where he was captured. They sent him to Spain, since he had another process, but he returned to Colombia and was captured again. Now your ticket has no return, in the United States they are waiting for you.

“In 2018, he was located in Colombia with a citizenship card that belonged to a different person and sent to Spain due to another judicial process that was followed. Two years later he was deported and settled on the Atlantic Coast. The CTI and the National Police They located him again and established that he was moving around with an identification that did not belong to him,” warned the Prosecutor’s Office.

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