The study showed how wages and love for the profession are related in Petrozavodsk

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14:39, 15 June 2022

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The SuperJob employment service has compiled a rating of professions whose representatives in Petrozavodsk believe that they are doing what they love.

In the first place were teachers, doctors and designers. In the survey, 66% of them said they love their job. There are many people who are in love with their work among chief accountants (65%), educators and economists (63% each), programmers (61%) and nurses (59%). Storekeepers (28%), shop assistants (33%), security guards (41%), call center operators (43%) and secretaries (44%) admitted the least such feelings.

Of the total number of surveyed residents of Petrozavodsk, 52% assured that they are doing what they love. Women spoke about it more often than men (58% versus 47%, respectively). Most of them are respondents over 45 years old (59%).

In addition, it turned out that love for one’s work affects the size of the salary. Among those who earn more than 80 thousand rubles, 57% admitted that they like their work. Among those surveyed with an income of less than 50,000 rubles, only 43% of them were.


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