The terrible anger of Jorge Javier Vázquez with Paola Dominguín after refusing to be vaccinated

  • The presenter has been very critical of the attitude of Bosé’s sister

After the death of his mother Lucia Bosé, his daughter Paola Dominguín went on Saturday to Deluxe Saturday to tell how he lived through this difficult process of having to fire his mother in the middle of a pandemic and how he managed to overcome her death.

The actress’s daughter said that she spent the last hours of her life with her mother and that only one person could be by her side due to the coronavirus pandemic, one of the hardest situations that the coronavirus is leaving us without a doubt.

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Paola Dominguín angers Jorge Javier Vázquez for his refusal to get vaccinated: “I’m not going to be a guinea pig”

The actress’s daughter denied that her mother died of coronavirus and attributes her death to pneumonia. “He could not receive the usual treatment he had due to his alertness,” the guest added. The program has also compiled some of the most controversial moments of his brother Miguel Bosé in his position of denialist and wanted to pronounce on the matter: “I respect that everyone says what they want but the mask issue is true that it is not healthy because the mouth is not oxygenated but I understand that you have to take it,” said Paola.

The collaborators wanted to continue making statements about his relationship with his brother. “I would not have gotten into that, it is a very sensitive issue and you have to be careful. I don’t talk to him about these things,” he confessed. He also confessed not understanding why Miguel encouraged participation in a demonstration against the mask and then did not attend.


But the most controversial came with the vaccine. Dominguín acknowledged not wanting to put it on since he considers that living in the country does not need it. “I’m not going to play a guinea pig,” he replied. The collaborators and Jorge Javier did not admit his statement and asked not to give that message to the public: “We have to make the world move forward and not only think about ourselves, but also about others,” said the presenter.

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