The terrifying mystery of the dolls that were nailed in the trees of a forest in England

A 64-year-old woman who went for a walk with her family through the Staffordshire woods north of Birmingham was shocked that what was supposed to be a relaxing walk turned into a terrifying experience.

The hiker was disturbed to discover a spooky collection of baby dolls that were nailed to trees. The find was made while hiking the trails of the most important forest in the region, the Cannock Chase.

The tourist works in a local hospital and took advantage of her day off to visit the area with her children. There he came across the sinister image of the dolls after wading through the undergrowth in a clearing in the forest “these dolls were in a very strange kind of order. Their dresses were in tatters and they were all tied up and nailed to the trees.”

Speaking to the local media, Black Country Live, the mother of two children said that “when leaving the forest I saw a sign that said this was the operating room of the old Pension Hospital. It was a bit strange considering what I do for my job. “And he said that he has a friend” who is a spiritual medium and wants to go take a look up there to see if she can feel something. “

Dolls in the forest. They will not rule out the hypothesis of the satanic cult in the immediate vicinity. Photo / tv capture

A few days later, on a second visit to the place, he said that “it was not so scary and I stayed between the dolls. I was saying my prayers. I spoke with the dolls and I wished the children who lived in the mining town an eternal rest” .

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The history of the town was hard for its inhabitants. In Brindley Heath, very close to the area where the dolls were put, an old war hospital was built.

The Satanic Rituals Hypothesis

The police investigate a possible performance of satanic rituals. In fact they discovered an old ouija board very close to the trees where the dolls were nailed. Therefore, it is not ruled out that they are satanic rituals.

The brutal crime that marked the Cannock Chase forest

Cannock Chase Forest is known as one of the best value for money excursions the Midlands in England have to offer. It has a play area for children and also an activity trail for dogs.

Staffordshire Forest Trails in England

Staffordshire Forest Trails in England

However, that area was the scene of a series of murders known as “the A34 murders” that occurred in the 1960s. There the victims were three young schoolgirls. The case reached a trial that, according to the media of the time, aroused “unprecedented public interest.”

Raymond Leslie Morris of Walsall was convicted at the Stafford Assizes for the murder of Christine Ann Darby, following one of the biggest manhunts in British history. Morris is also considered the prime suspect in the deaths of Margaret Reynolds and Diana Joy Tift. In November 2010, he was granted a judicial review of his case in an attempt to overturn his conviction which failed.

The killer died in prison in March 2014, aged 84, after serving 45 years in prison, when he was one of the oldest prisoners in Britain.


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