The three mobile plans with unlimited 5G at Free Mobile, Orange and SFR

If you are looking for a mobile plan with plenty of data or unlimited 5G, you will appreciate the offers of Free Mobile operators for its low price, but also Orange and SFR for unlimited! We tell you everything in this article.

Free Mobile: 5G plan at a low price

On sale at Free Mobile, the 5G package starts at 9.99 € / month for all Freebox Pop subscribers! Freebox customers will pay € 15.99 each month. Finally, if you are not a Free Mobile customer, the operator offers you the 5G offer at € 19.99 / month.

The Free 5G offer is without engagement, you can therefore cancel your subscription as soon as you wish, free of charge.

In detail, the guarantees of the Free 5G package are as follows:

  • 5G: 150GB for Freebox non-subscribers / unlimited for Freebox and Freebox Pop subscribers
  • From France: unlimited calls to mainland France, overseas departments, the United States, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, China and unlimited overseas departments / SMS to mainland France and unlimited overseas departments / MMS
  • From abroad *: unlimited calls, SMS and MMS + 25GB of Internet

* Europe, DOM, Switzerland, Jersey, United States, Brazil, Russia, Australia and many more

Forfait Free 150Go

Orange: unlimited 5G plan on promotion

With the operator Orange, your unlimited 5G plan is on sale until February 3 ! It will cost you the monthly sum of 79.99 € the first year of subscription then 94.99 €. Note that the subscription of this mobile plan commits you for one year. If you wish, you can request a multi-SIM calls and Internet for another mobile phone, your Airbox or even your tablet.

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This package offers you each month:

  • Unlimited 5G Internet in France, 100GB usable everywhere in Europe, USA, Canada and China
  • Unlimited calls to Europe, USA, Canada, China and other destinations
  • Unlimited SMS anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited MMS to Europe, USA, Canada and China

Orange unlimited 5G GO plan

SFR: unlimited 5G package at round price

The operator SFR offers a round price and reduced the first year of subscription for its unlimited 5G plan! Indeed, the latter will amount to 80 € the first 12 months then to 95 €. Know that this 5G package commits you for a minimum period of 12 months. You will be able to benefit from a preferential rate for the purchase of a telephone thanks to this offer.

In detail, this 5G package offers you each month:

  • Unlimited 5G Internet in France, 100GB usable from the European Union, the overseas departments, Switzerland, Andorra, the USA and Canada
  • From France: unlimited SMS and MMS to Europe, DOM, USA, Canada, China / unlimited calls to these destinations and more
  • From abroad *: unlimited calls, SMS and MMS

* EU, DOM, Switzerland, Andorra, USA, Canada

Unlimited 5G SFR Go plan

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