The Top Case Trekker Alaska 56 culminates the GIVI aluminum trio

There are no two without three.

The TREKKER ALASKA 56 aluminum top case completes a perfect trio for most travelers.

GIVI, the transalpine brand of equipment for motorcycles and motorcyclists, completes its range of ALASKA cases with a new aluminum top box with a 56-litre capacity. Equipped with the MONOKEY® fastening system and the WIRELEASE® system, it presents a clean and well-cared aesthetic that combines perfectly with its smaller sisters: the TREKKER ALASKA 36 side cases. This trio, which will soon grow with the launch of the 44-liter top case , is the ideal option for trips and routes, allowing you to carry all the luggage you want, safely and without sacrificing comfort for the rider.

On a trip, luggage can become one of our main headaches. Especially if it is a motorcycle trip. Aware of this and in response to user needs, GIVI offers a wide line of suitcases of different capacities that allow you to carry everything you need on a route. Among them, the latest addition stands out: the TREKKER ALASKA 56 top case. A new member of the family, which increases the possibilities of those travelers who travel with considerable luggage.

Made of natural aluminium, it is equipped with the MONOKEY® fastening system, which allows the use of a single key to lock, open and release the grill. In addition, it is compatible with all Monokey grills, except those with contact for the stop light kit. Likewise, it is equipped with the WIRELEASE® system, so that it is released by turning an external lever, equipped with a patented cable system and located directly below the Security Lock.

To make it easy to fit more luggage without sacrificing style, the top case features four grommets integrated into the lid’s monolithic structure. On the other hand, the two handles on the back incorporate the robust closures of the lid, which translates into the possibility of increasing the opening without the use of retention cables and keeping it fixed. In addition, the TREKKER ALASKA 56 is prepared to fix the backrest.

This top box, in addition to allowing you to carry up to 10 kg of luggage, guarantees its safety even in the most difficult driving conditions. To do this, it is equipped with rivets, gaskets and silicone seals, which ensure watertightness, and hooks integrated inside, to keep the luggage fixed both to the top and bottom.

With the user in mind, in the design of this top case, GIVI has opted for the inclusion of the extraction system, lower stabilizers, bottom and other easily replaceable components, thus increasing its useful life.

The TREKKER ALASKA 56 top case, combinable with the TREKKER ALASKA 36 side cases, is available in natural or black aluminum for €429 MSRP (VAT Inc.).

Take with you all the just in case you want. GIVI has everything under control.

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